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Be the Best with These 5 Effective Restaurant Management Tips
December 04, 2013

Be the Best with These 5 Effective Restaurant Management Tips

December 04, 2013
There are over 1 million restaurant locations in the U.S., but do any of us truly know what it takes to operate a successful restaurant? The restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries, with many restaurants closing within a year of their grand opening. This is why productive restaurant management skills are crucial.

Restaurant management involves many different components, such as public relations skills, inventory management, overseeing staff members, customer service, among other aspects.

Here are five helpful tips for managing a restaurant that patrons can’t wait to visit!

1. Focus on customer service – Want the secret ingredient to running a lucrative restaurant? It’s providing superior customer service, regardless of the situation. Accommodate customer requests, do your best to resolve issues and strive to make their dining experience a positive one. Instill these values into your restaurant staff members, and provide them with clear training. If you and your employees are committed to providing customer satisfaction, you won’t have a problem filling tables.

2. Develop a restaurant marketing plan – When it comes to gaining restaurant publicity, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can’t expect that customers are going to know about your restaurant; you have to find ways to reach them, and convince them to visit your establishment. This could be by running a newspaper or radio advertisement, investing in a paid social campaign or by posting about your restaurant on social media.

If you’re apprehensive to invest a large amount of money into a restaurant marketing plan, there are plenty of free alternatives that you can try. Whether it is posting food pictures on Instagram or putting up flyers on a community billboard, there’s no excuse for not marketing your restaurant!

3. Follow a set budget – Responsibly maintaining your restaurant’s budget will ensure that you’re able to save money for your business’s future. By managing your costs effectively, you won’t risk overspending. Map out how much you’ll spend each month on labor, food and waste costs. Then, allot a certain amount of money for last minute expenses, such as oven repairs or extra inventory. Keeping an accurate record of costs, income and expenses will help you stay on budget all year long!

4. Motivate restaurant employees – Helping your restaurant staff members stay motivated should be amongst your biggest priorities. Having a strong team of employees can determine the success of your restaurant. Using contests, games and other incentives may get your team excited about running a strong shift. If they are happy at your restaurant, they will be driven to work hard!

5. Making necessary updates – Running a profitable business requires constant up keep and maintenance. Rely on customer feedback in order to make menu revisions, address customer service issues and perfect your reservation and seating protocol. Many restaurants fall from customers’ good graces because they aren’t willing to change with the times. If your decor is outdated and you haven’t added new items to your restaurant in ages, it may be time to make some changes. You’ll sustain loyal customers if you’re willing to make adjustments.

Restaurant management doesn’t have to be a hassle! Start by focusing on these five areas, and you’ll see improvements to your business’s overall operations.

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