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Reinvesting in your business is important if you want to grow. Leverage a business expansion loan to give you the capital you need to expand your business operations.

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What is a Business Expansion Loan?

Business expansion loans are a specific type of business loan that helps companies make decisions that can help their business grow before it's too late. These loans can help add new staff, pay for marketing campaigns, and add new products to prepare for growth. Using these loans gives small businesses more room to grow. Small businesses often wait until they have enough cash flow to expand, but then it becomes too late and they struggle to keep up with the demands with the resources they have.

How Business Expansion Loans Work

Business expansion loans work to give companies financing in the form of equipment financing, SBA loans, merchant cash advances, invoice financing, and more. By leveraging assets the business already has, they can borrow against them to give them the funds they need to expand right now.

Use Cases

How To Use a Business Expansion Loan

Each business has different needs when it comes to growth. Some might need more staff to handle orders, others might need a larger warehouse to store inventory, while others might need more inventory. Companies use business expansion funding in ways that work for their needs.

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  • Grow and Expand

    Need more locations to meet business demands in other areas? Expansion financing can help.

  • Enter a New Market

    Expansion might mean entering a new market with your products. An expansion loan can give you the resources you need to add to your customer base.

  • Hire

    Need new skills on your teams? Hiring the right employees can improve your company and your capacity to grow. It's easy to add new people with these loans.

Why Apply for a Business Expansion Loan?

The Ability to Invest in New Equipment

The capacity of your equipment impacts the capacity of your business to grow. Add new equipment to help your business grow.

The Opportunity to Acquire a Competitor

Businesses often acquire competing companies to expand their market share. Using a business expansion loan gives you the funding you need to make this happen.

Improve Your Operations

Add new software, create new processes, and streamline your operations to make it easy to expand. A business expansion loan will help you fund these changes without hurting your cash flow.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Businesses that have been running for at least 6 months may be eligible for a business expansion loan. Here are some other requirements to help you determine if you can qualify for small business expansion loans.

Minimum Requirements
Time in Business Minimum 6 Months
Business Annual Growth Revenue $240K+ Annual Revenue
Business Checking Account Yes
US Citizen/Based Company Yes
FICO Score 570+
Other Financing None
Bankruptcies None open

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  • Expand Business Location

  • Purchase or Repair Equipment

  • Hire Skilled Workers

  • Renovate Existing Location

  • Release New Products

  • Pay for Necessary Tools

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Business Expansion Loans FAQ

A business expansion loan can affect your personal credit in some ways. If you give personal guarantees, have to get a hard credit check, or the lender reports to credit bureaus, it's likely that your score could take a hit.
Merchant cash advances and small business loans are the two best options when it comes to funding for business expansion.
Let's say you want to take on more clients in your construction business. To bring this idea into fruition, you need more staff to take on work, more equipment so multiple projects can happen at the same time, and maybe even more marketing to get the word out.
If you want to grow, but you need more staff, software for operations, equipment, inventory, or funding for a new location, then you might want an expansion loan instead of tying up your current cash flow.

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