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Welcome to the Fora Financial blog! We’re committed to educating small business owners on the latest news and trends. On this blog, we’ll feature posts on topics ranging from company updates, technology, marketing, small business news, working capital tips and information relating to industries we serve. At Fora Financial, we know small business and want to connect our valued customers with the information they need to succeed.

LLC Business Loans - The Ultimate Guide

LLC Business Loans: The Ultimate Guide

February 26, 2021
Limited Liability Company (LLC) business loans function just like regular business loans. You get approved, you receive additional funding, and then y...
What is a SBA Microloan

What Is an SBA Microloan?

February 25, 2021
If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve heard of the Small Business Association (SBA). It’s a federally-funded program that supplie...

C-Corporations: Everything You Should Know

February 25, 2021
Starting your own business is an exciting process that requires various decisions. These decisions range from determining what you’ll name your compan...
Are Business Loan Approvals Based on Personal Credit

Are Business Loan Approvals Based on Personal Credit?

February 25, 2021
If you’re a small business owner, your personal credit will affect your ability to get approved for a business loan.

Why You Should Pursue a Cash Flow Loan

February 24, 2021
Running a small business can be a tumultuous, unpredictable job. There will be times that you experience unexpected highs and lows, especially when it...
Restaurant Finance Management Our Top Tips

Restaurant Finance Management: Our Top Tips

February 23, 2021
Managing your restaurant’s finances probably isn’t why you got into the restaurant industry. Still, savvy financial management is critical if yo...

Limited Partnerships: What You Should Know

February 22, 2021
To say that the ownership structure of your business has significant implications would be an understatement. This is because ownership structures inf...

Personal Guarantees: Everything You Need to Know

February 22, 2021
As you know, the past year has created profound challenges for business owners across the globe. Now more than ever, many of those businesses require ...

The Pros and Cons of Having Private Investors

February 22, 2021
Whether you’re growing your existing business or starting a new venture, access to capital is paramount.
Scaling a Business - Ways to Do It

Scaling a Business: 6 Ways to Do It

February 19, 2021
Not knowing when or how to scale your business up is a good problem to have. It means your business is ready—or nearly ready—to grow.

The Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Business

February 18, 2021
Starting a small business can be a rewarding opportunity. By doing so, you can pursue your dreams and build a successful company from the ground up.

The Pros and Cons of Unsecured Business Loans

February 18, 2021
Many entrepreneurs pursue small business loans to fulfill their additional financing needs. Even profitable businesses often need a cash injection to ...