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Welcome to the Fora Financial blog! We’re committed to educating small business owners on the latest news and trends. On this blog, we’ll feature posts on topics ranging from company updates, technology, marketing, small business news, working capital tips and information relating to industries we serve. At Fora Financial, we know small business and want to connect our valued customers with the information they need to succeed.

Women looking through classifieds

How to Effectively Fill Out Business Directory Listings

December 12, 2019
We are living in a digital age. Even a pure brick and mortar business should have an online  presence in business directory listings. Local business c...
Two people shaking hands and closing a small business loan

All About Small Business Loans

December 12, 2019
Have you ever considered how a business loan could help you improve your company? Chances are, there are at least a few ways you could use these funds...
Two girls shaking hands because of an approved loan

What is a Term Loan? Explaining The Term Loan Process

December 10, 2019
A term loan is a traditional loan that can be used to grow a small business. These loans provide a cash payment upfront with monthly payback terms for...
Inventory Management Software

The Best Inventory Management Software for your Business

December 10, 2019
Are you in charge of inventory management for your business? Tracking stock levels might seem simple, but can be overwhelming if you don’t have the ri...
Host - Airbnb Financing

Is AirBnB Financing a Thing? Business Loans for AirBnB Hosts

December 10, 2019
The economy of “sharing” is continuing to boom. As such, many entrepreneurs turn to AirBnB to make extra income using their existing prope...
Break Even Analysis

Breaking Down the Break Even Analysis: A Quick Overview

December 05, 2019
Are you interested in implementing a break even analysis (BEA) for your products and services? In this post, you’ll learn what a BEA is and how you ca...
Determining Business Worth - Two people closing a deal

The Full Guide to Business Valuation: Determining Worth

December 05, 2019
Business valuation is a hairy topic, especially in the world of small business. Where large, public companies have significant data they can mine for ...
Small Business Financing Terms Defined

Common Small Business Financing Terms Defined

December 05, 2019
For most people, starting a small business is uncharted territory. When the time comes to fund your operation, the sheer number of new terms and compl...
Folder with files with taxes and other subjects

How to Find the Most Effective Small Business Tax Software

December 04, 2019
Owning a small business means wearing many hats. Managing employees, forming partnerships, and paying invoices are just some of the many tasks you’ll ...
Holiday Customer Service Tips For Small Business Owners

Holiday Customer Service Tips For Small Business Owners

December 04, 2019
As a business owner, you know great customer service is critical to long-term success. However, knowing something and acting on it are two different t...
New Card Business Credit Signup

Business Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses Worth Reaping

December 04, 2019
Most likely, you’ve seen offers for business credit cards online or in your mailbox. Many companies even offer points or rewards to entice you t...
Online Reputation Management

Leverage Online Reputation Management, Control the Narrative

December 04, 2019
Learning how to manage your online reputation properly is crucial if you want to portray your business in a positive light. The internet is your billb...