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Our Story

College roommates Jared Feldman and Dan Smith were two business students on a mission: They were determined to leverage the power of digital technology to provide small businesses with the capital they need to thrive. They would make it fast and simple to get funding, so that entrepreneurs could focus what they do best — running their businesses — and avoid the hassles of applying for bank loans.

In 2008, Jared and Dan launched Paramount Merchant Funding, in a 150-square-foot Manhattan office. Ever since, thanks to years of continually expanding our funding and technology capabilities, what is now Fora Financial has provided more than 55,000 of the nation's best and brightest businesses with more than $4 billion in working capital. Mission accomplished.

  • Our Purpose

    To provide funding to small businesses, so that they can grow and succeed.

  • Our Logo

    The two arrows of the logo represent Fora Financial and its customers. Their overlap signifies Fora Financial's close alliance with small businesses to foster growth, connectivity, and success.

  • Our Name

    The original definitions of "fora" centered around the concept of a "marketplace" and "a place for open discussion and expressing ideas." It's an apt word to describe how we're always engaging with our colleagues, partners, and customers to develop the most innovative new products for America's small businesses.


Humble Beginnings

Former college roommates Jared Feldman and Dan Smith establish Paramount Merchant Funding in a 150-square-foot Manhattan office, acting as a loan broker for small businesses seeking funding from third party lenders.


Technology Leads the Way

The team raises capital to start self-fund transactions ... Releases its first technology platform for payments, accounting, and underwriting management.


Funding Options Expand

Paramount announces its first credit facility ... Technology platform expands to encompass fully Paramount-financed deals.


New Name, New Tech

Paramount Merchant Funding rebrands as Fora Financial, a financial marketplace offering a broad array of products ... Announces a technology platform for providing faster, more accurate lending decisions, particularly difficult-to-fund applicants.


The Industry Takes Notice

Fora scores named Best Financial Services Company of the Year at the American Business Awards ... Joins the Inc. 5000 list for the first time ... Charts 698% growth in revenues from 2010 to 2013 and 100% year -over-year growth since inception ... Now offers small business loans in 49 states.


Palladium Purchase: A Major Milestone

Palladium Equity Partners LLC purchases a majority stake of Fora Financial, with Feldman and Smith remaining at the helm ... Fora Financial surpasses $500 million in funding to 10,000 small business since inception.


$1 billion in Ten Years

Fora announces $ 1 billion in business funding provided to 15,000 businesses since 2008 ... Acquires United States Business Funding (USBF), creating one of the broadest direct sales organizations in small-business alternative lending.


Commitments Increase

Additional credit facility increases committed borrowing capacity to $120 million ... Named to Inc. 5000 list for 6th consecutive year ... Announces 105% growth between 2015 and 2018.


New Milestones and Spaces

$3 billion lent to more than 35,000 small businesses since 2008. New 23,500-square-foot headquarters opens in New York ... Florida expansion kicked off with Downtown Miami office opening.


Further Diversified Capital Structure

Fora closes on a $130 million revolving credit facility and $10 million investment-grade rated corporate note.


Over 55,000 Customers

Fora Financial announces over $4 billion lent to over 55,000 small businesses nationwide.

What Matters Most

These core values inform everything Fora Financial does as a lender, employer, and member of our local and financial services communities.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do. Our transactions follow financial-industry best practices for ethics, privacy, and disclosure.


We help our clients, employees, and business partners be the best at what they do. Their success is our success.


Our consultants cherish their one-on-one client relationships. Our people enjoy a unique camaraderie that extends to our partnerships, too.


We're constantly gathering and sharing the latest insights on small business finance and overall operations.

What Our Employees Are Saying

"My coworkers are always quick to lend a helping hand. Although I work remotely, I spend much of my workday interacting with other teams and departments, so I never feel isolated or excluded. This collaborative and altruistic spirit is the key reason why we've succeeded."


"At Fora Financial, we're champions for small business owners. I'm so proud to be a part of this team."


"My work here constantly reminds me that when you're committed to a mission, anything is possible. Everyone at Fora inspires me to keep learning and growing — it's great for my mind, body and soul."


"What a diverse and inclusive place to work! I'm learning and growing every day. If you're looking for a company that truly cares about its employees, its clients AND is making a difference in people's lives, it is here!"


"Our hybrid work model makes me more productive and creates a great work/life balance. What's more, Senior management stands shoulder to shoulder with us, encouraging open communication and supporting the work we do every day. Their inspiration has contributed to my sales achievements and awards."


"Having initiative and the drive to succeed has opened doors for me that I couldn't have imagined when I started my career. Management constantly encourages and supports us in achieving our full potential in everything we do."


"Every day at Fora is an opportunity for me to grow. We're passionate about exploring new ways of better serving our clients. Our managers act as role models rather than just top-down leaders."


"I regularly work with management and team leaders on the implementation of employee culture activities. Everyone is so dedicated to making Fora fun and eclectic place to build a career."


"Everyone here is so passionate about growing the company, and that motivates me. There's a great casual and collegial culture, so all the hard work pays off. It's a great place to advance your career."


Join the Fora Family

Ask our nearly 200 why they love working at Fora Financial and you'll get some great answers: The opportunities for advancement, our hybrid work plans, and a fun, collegial environment that emphasizes a work/life balance are just a few. Plus, there's the deep sense of satisfaction they get from supporting small businesses. Find out more about us and check out our open positions.

Our Executive Team

Our leadership’s passion for small business inspires every one of us.
Learn more about the people behind the vision.

Dan Smith.jpg

Dan Smith

Co-Founder & Board Member

Since co-founding Fora Financial in 2008, Dan remains a driving force behind the firm's success. He served as the firm's president from 2008 to 2020, now advising the executive team as a board member.

Jared Feldman.jpg

Jared Feldman

CEO & Co-Founder

As Fora's co-founder, CEO, and board member, Jared's sustained focus and dedication has secured the firm's position as a best-in-class alternative lender.

Andrew Gutman.jpg

Andrew Gutman

Chief Operating Officer

In his two executive roles at Fora, Andrew has driven nine years of sustained growth and expansion.

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