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What Are Construction Business Loans?

Construction business loans help companies in the residential and commercial construction industry get the funding they need to complete projects on budget and on time. A small business construction loan can be used to pay workers, rent equipment, buy building materials, and more to ensure that all contracted work can be completed and paid for.

How Construction Business Loans Work

Small business construction loans are short-term loans that businesses use to complete construction of a residential or business property. Once the project is done, the buyer pays the construction company either through lending of their own, or in cash. Construction business loans can help pay for all the different operations of a construction enterprise whether large or small.

Use Cases

How To Use a Construction Business Loan

There are many ways to use a construction business loan. Everything from equipment, repairs, payroll, building supplies, and more can be funded using a variety of types of business loans.

Learn Why Us
  • Cash Flow

    Need more cash flow? Cash flow problems are often solved when you use the right construction finance loan.

  • Equipment

    Buying millions of dollars worth of equipment is near impossible for the average person. That’s why it’s good to use commercial construction financing.

  • Inventory

    You need supplies on hand to complete your building projects. No one wants to be waiting on materials because you ran out of money. Use construction business loans to help.

Why Apply for a Construction Business Loan?

Take Additional Projects

It’s great to take on multiple projects when the seasons are nice. Using a construction business loan gives you the freedom to work on more than one build and have plenty of money to do it.

Cover Payroll

You can often wait months before a construction project is complete and the bill paid in full. Using financing for construction projects gives you enough for payroll as well.

Pay for Tools & Equipment

Always losing tools on the jobsite? Or perhaps you just need to replace items that break. Construction business financing gives you the resources your need to pay for all your building tools and equipment.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Getting a construction loan is easy when your business meets these minimum requirements. Find out how much you can get for your business when you apply today.

Minimum Requirements
Time in Business Minimum 6 Months
Business Annual Growth Revenue $240K+ Annual Revenue
Business Checking Account Yes
US Citizen/Based Company Yes
FICO Score 570+
Other Financing None
Bankruptcies None open

Better Your Business With Fora Financial

  • Pay for Construction Materials

  • Hire Seasonal Employees

  • Manage Safety Standards

  • Have Cash for Payroll

  • Start New Building Projects

  • Pay for Necessary Tools

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Construction Business Loans FAQ

The different types of construction loans are land development loans, A&D loans, mini perm financing, SBA construction loans and construction loans.
It depends on your needs. If you are building a property that you will keep as a business asset and then rent or lease out, you would want a permanent loan. If you plan to build a property and then someone else will own it in the end, mini perm financing might be a better solution.
When you find yourself running out of money when it comes time for payroll or you’d like to do multiple projects at once, you might need a construction business loan. Other reasons include needing more resources for inventory and wanting to hire more workers.
Yes, SBA loans can be used for construction. If your company qualifies, they will inform you of all the loan terms.
Yes, there are tax benefits on construction loans. Talk with an accountant to learn how to take advantage of these benefits.
Yes, most lenders require 20% down for new construction loans.
Interest on commercial construction loans is only assessed on the amount that has been dispersed. You will only pay interest on the loan amount that your business has received.
A construction loan is a great idea if you want to have better cash flow, increase the number of projects you can do at once, and if you want to fund new equipment, tools, and inventory.

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