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Learn about how working capital solutions can benefit your business

Applying for additional working capital through a recognized lender like Fora Financial is a secure way for business owners to obtain cash. Our working capital blogs explain how you can obtain and utilize small business financing.

How to Apply for an SBA Export Loan

June 21, 2019
Businesses that need financing to export their products often find that traditional lenders won’t work with them. Often, this is because banks v...

The Ultimate Guide to Equity Financing

June 19, 2019
In a survey by Intuit, 75 percent of small business owners said they relied on their own personal savings to start their business. However, starting a...

Pros and Cons of Business Inventory Loans

June 18, 2019
Not having enough cash on hand to purchase inventory can hurt your business, especially if your sales volume is highly seasonal or you have multiple l...

How to Get Small Business Loans in NYC

June 18, 2019
Running a small business in the city that never sleeps is something that many businesses strive for, but it isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem.

Can You Get a Business Loan Without Collateral Assets?

June 14, 2019
As a small business owner, you’re going to need a cash influx at some point. Don’t get excited; the cash doesn’t go towards paying yourself an extra b...

Should Your Business Apply for a Medium-Term Loan?

June 14, 2019
As a small business owner, opportunities often arise to improve or expand your business. Of course, you don’t always have enough capital at the right ...

What You Should Know About USDA Business Loans

June 11, 2019
Much like the SBA, the United States Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (USDA) guarantees loans to stimulate business growth. The main di...

SBA Community Advantage Loans: What Are They and Who Qualifies?

June 07, 2019
Wondering what an SBA Community Advantage Loan is or whether you qualify? SBA Community Advantage Loans are guaranteed microloans that provide up to $...

Revolving vs. Non-Revolving Lines of Credit

June 06, 2019
Lines of credit allow businesses to borrow money for expansion projects, pay for consistent expenses like bills, and fill inventory orders, just to na...

What to Do If Your Business Loan Application Was Declined

June 04, 2019
Applying for business financing is often time consuming, but it can be necessary to keep your business up-and-running. Due to this, if your applicatio...

What is SBA Form 912, and Do You Need to Complete It?

June 03, 2019
SBA Form 912 – Statement of Personal History, is a document that the Small Business Administration (SBA) uses to evaluate individuals’ character and c...

5 Reasons to Consider Equipment Lease Financing

May 31, 2019
Most businesses require some type of equipment to operate effectively. This equipment might be office equipment such as photocopiers and laptops, or r...
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