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What Are Restaurant Loans?

Restaurant loans are business loans designed just for the restaurant industry. They are tailored to the recurring expenses and cash flow needs of food service companies. Each loan is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual restaurant. These loans can provide much-needed cash even during slow times of the month or year.

How Restaurant Loans Work

Restaurants that need working capital, especially during the early phases of their business often get restaurant loans. These loans provide the resources they need to pay their staff, buy products and cooking equipment, and even pay the building lease and other bills during the slowest times of the year.

Use Cases

How To Use a Restaurant Loan

There are many ways to use a restaurant loan. Whether you want to expand your operations or add new staff, here are some of the top ways that businesses use these loans.

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  • Expansion

    Expand your restaurant business to a new location.

  • Equipment

    Buy new cooking equipment to outfit your restaurant kitchen.

  • Staffing

    Hire new restaurant staff to give your guests the best service.

Why Apply for Restaurant Financing

Purchase Inventory

Getting enough inventory to open a business is one of the reasons people apply for restaurant loans.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing is critical for any business. Get restaurant financing to help grow your business.

Implement an Online Ordering System

Implement a new online ordering system to improve the customer experience and save you time.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Get a restaurant business loan to help you with all the expenses of making and serving food. We can help you with your lending needs if you meet the following eligibility criteria.

Minimum Requirements
Time in Business Minimum 6 Months
Business Annual Growth Revenue $240K+ Annual Revenue
Business Checking Account Yes
US Citizen/Based Company Yes
FICO Score 570+
Other Financing None
Bankruptcies None open

Better Your Business With Fora Financial

  • Open New Locations

  • Purchase Equipment

  • Hire Restaurant Staff

  • Buy Inventory

  • Invest in Marketing

  • Invest in an Online Ordering System

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Restaurant Loans FAQ

If you want a loan for a restaurant, you can choose from equipment loans, business lines of credit, working capital loans, traditional commercial lending, and inventory financing. Some loans are multi-purpose while others can only be used for a particular business need.
Yes and no. Financing a restaurant with certain loan types can be very difficult to obtain. People with good credit scores or other success in business are more likely to get restaurant loans than those who have never done business before or who have bad credit.
Most lenders look for a credit score of at least 640. Although, some lenders will consider lower credit scores if you have more cash to invest in the business.
The average person can expect to get anywhere from $5000 to $1 million or more for loans to open a restaurant. Since each situation, business plan, and business owner are so unique, future restaurant owners need to talk to a lender to get more information.
Yes, but it comes at a cost. Those with credit scores under 600 can expect to pay higher interest rates on their loans, have shorter loan terms, and may need more cash up front to secure the loan.

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