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6 Hotel Business Ideas for the Holiday Season
December 09, 2016

6 Hotel Business Ideas for the Holiday Season

As the year comes to a close and the winter holidays are fast approaching, chances are your hotel is busy with a surge in customer reservations. If you’re located in a ‘touristy’ area, it’s likely that you’re especially booked for holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

With these six hotel business ideas, you’ll be able to give customers the ideal holiday experience!

How Can Your Hotel Utilize a Loan During the Holidays?

1. Hire Seasonal Employees

In order to accommodate guests during the holiday season, you’ll need more staff members available than compared to the rest of the year. If your hotel business plan doesn’t have additional spend factored in for new employees, consider hiring a few seasonal employees until the holidays are over. This way, you’ll be well-staffed during this busy season, but won’t risk over-spending on paying employees.

2. Offer Holiday Promotions

Convince customers to choose your hotel over a competitor by having deals throughout the holiday season. Most guests will be looking to save money on their lodging, so make them feel like staying at your hotel instead of a competitor’s is well-worth it.

3. Decorate Your Establishment

Bring festive cheer to your hotel by decorating your space for the holidays! While you may dread the extra work and up-keep it requires, your customers will appreciate the holiday décor while staying at your hotel.

4. Brainstorm Hotel Marketing Ideas

Recruit additional guests by upgrading your hotel marketing efforts. This could be creating paid online ads, posting about sales on your social media platforms or buying print advertising spaces. If you’d like to reach as many new customers as possible, try marketing on a variety of platforms.

Another type of hotel marketing ideas to try out is marketing to existing customers throughout the holidays. Once your holiday guests have arrived, make sure to provide them with information about future deals. If they enjoy their experience, they may be willing to book for a future date.

5. Be Organized With Booking

There is no room for error during the holiday season! Your customers will expect their booking experience to be simple and efficient. Many of them may have special requests, which you should be ready to fulfill.

6. Consider Applying for Working Capital

In order to ensure that you can execute all of your hotel business ideas, you might benefit from pursuing additional working capital. Having extra cash on hand during the holidays could allow you to provide additional amenities, hire seasonal employees or pay for other holiday necessities. In your hotel business plan, it’s likely that you have a budget that you try to follow. If you aren’t able to afford adding in additional expenses to your budget, then it might be a good time to apply for additional working capital.

Conclusion: Invest in Your Hotel for the Holiday Season

We hope that these hotel business ideas will help you make the most of the holiday season, and hopefully increase your business’s revenue. Plus, if customers are satisfied with their stay at your hotel, you may see them return again next year!

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