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How to Market Your New Food Truck Business
February 26, 2018

How to Market Your New Food Truck Business

Are you taking your food on the road? Opening a food truck business can be an exciting, lucrative venture. Still, with so many restaurateurs trying their hand at opening a food truck business, competition is becoming stiff. In fact, the food truck industry is growing at an annual 7.9 percent over the past five years.

To ensure that you generate sales for your new food truck business, you should invest in marketing initiatives. In this post, we’ll explain how you can market a new food truck business, so that you can start driving towards success.

Park at Local Events

Want to reach new customers? Start serving your food at local events! Research local food truck festivals, street fairs, and other events. You could even contact nearby companies, to see if they need event catering. Before you park at these events, make sure to post about it on your food truck’s social media profiles and website.

We suggest pursuing as many of these opportunities as possible, so that you can recruit a loyal customer base. The more events your food truck caters, the more publicity you’ll gain!

Host Giveaways

Let’s face it, patrons love free stuff. To attract new customers, you could benefit from advertising giveaways. For instance, consider offering free merch or a free item from your menu. Try out different giveaways, and determine the customer turnout that they bring. If you find that a particular giveaway resonates with patrons, do this more frequently. Of course, as a new business, you must make sure that you’re not draining resources and giving away too many items. Review your budget, and ensure that these giveaways are leading to increased sales before you add this to your marketing plan.

Create a Yelp Profile

You might assume that having a Yelp profile is only for businesses with a physical location, but that isn’t true! You can make a Yelp page for your food truck. Include your business’s contact information, the payment methods that you accept, business hours, and other relevant details. In addition, make sure to include the area that you typically park, so that interested customers know where to find you!

Offer Coupons

Like giveaways, you can appeal to customers by providing coupon offers. In fact, 80 percent of patrons say that they will try a new food establishment if there is a deal.

To do this, you can advertise coupons on your Yelp profile, social media accounts, and direct mail campaigns. Reward patrons with a discount, and you’ll be more likely to earn loyal customers!

Post Customer Photos

Show future patrons the great food and fun experience that your food truck offers by posting customer photos. This could be by sharing photos that diners have posted on social media, or snapping your own shots. When potential patrons see these photos, they’ll want to visit your food truck too!

To encourage customers to post about your food truck, consider offering an incentive. Host a contest, and award the winners with a free meal or other prize.

Start a Blog

Document your journey as a food truck owner! Even if you offer delectable dishes, you should still strive to create a recognizable brand. By creating a blog, you can write blog posts about food truck trends, your menu, and other relevant content. If you’re diligent, you can become an industry thought leader, and could turn your readers into consistent customers.

As after opening a food truck, how you market your operations will determine your business’s future. By trying the ideas mentioned in this post, you’ll be able to establish a customer base while spreading the word to new patrons. Good luck!

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