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How to Create Content that Your Customers Need
September 28, 2017

How to Create Content that Your Customers Need

When marketing your business, it is important to consider how you can provide insight to your customers. While it is understandable that your primary goal is attaining sales, your content should be balanced. If your business content is solely sales driven, you likely won’t be as effective as you could be. That’s why you should focus on creating content that offers value to potential and existing customers. By producing content that will educate customers, they will trust you and view you as a valuable resource.
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In this post, we’ll share our tips for creating content for different mediums that will be benefit your customers!

What to consider when crafting business content:

1. Ask your audience – To write business content that will be well-received by current and future customers, you should consider what matters to them. Thankfully, there are ways that you can determine the type of content that they want to read. Create a poll on your business’s Twitter account, send out an email survey or ask in-store visitors. Receiving this feedback will allow you to spend time on content that your customers will appreciate, instead of crafting content that is either unrelated or not of interest.

2. Social media content – If your social media profiles are flooded with posts solely about your business’s latest offers or other information meant to drive sales, it’s time to refine your social media content strategy. Social media profiles that are not well-rounded don’t attract a consistent following. You should aim to post a mix of content, so your followers don’t get sick of seeing similar posts on your page.

When planning social media content, try to make a schedule of diverse posts. Information on sales, links to your blog posts and sharing industry content by other experts are all types of posts that your followers will appreciate. Once you start consistently posting a variety of content, utilize analytics programs to determine which posts are resonating with your audience. This will help you in refining your strategy over time.

3. How-to guides and other free resources – Providing value to your potential and current customers is pivotal. Although you’re benefiting them with your products or services, there are other ways to deliver constructive content. That’s why you should consider writing how to-guides and other related resources. For instance, perhaps you own a spa or salon. You could write a guide explaining the latest beauty trends. Your customers will likely have an interest in this topic, and they’ll keep you in mind when they want to try out that new hair cut or manicure style.

4. Email newsletters – Most likely, email is one of the platforms that you utilize to generate sales. Of course, we aren’t recommending that you discontinue this effort, but we do suggest incorporating content that is not completely sales focused. For instance, you could send out a bi-monthly email newsletter that shares industry news, links to relevant blog posts on your website and other interesting information. Mixing in content that isn’t focused on your business’s products or services will make your readers feel like you are trying to help them learn, instead of only trying to make a sale.

Creating content for your small business can be challenging, but by considering your audience’s needs, you’ll make this task easier. If you have had success producing content for your small business’s marketing materials, give us your best suggestions in the comment section below!

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