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How to Promote Your Salon on Social Media
August 16, 2018

How to Promote Your Salon on Social Media

According to Statista, there were 2.46 billion social media users in the world in 2017. That number is continuing to rise, and it’s more important than ever that your salon is engaging with customers on social media. This is especially true if you recently opened your salon, or you’re trying to increase sales and reach new customers.

To promote your salon, it’s crucial that you’re active on social media. In addition, you should ensure that you’re following best-practices to increase the likelihood that you attract customers. In this post, we’ll list seven ways to promote your salon on social media, so that you can start generating more business.

7 Ways to Market Your Salon on Social Media

1. Keep Your Business’s Information Up-to-Date

While this may seem obvious, many people use Facebook profiles to find a business’s address, phone number, and hours of operation. If your information is outdated, you could be potentially miss out on new customers.

2. Host Contests and Giveaways

Social media contests can boost online engagement and keep your followers coming back to your business’s profiles. These contests should be specific to social media and only to your followers. You can give away a free haircut, manicure, facial, bottle of shampoo or hair styling product, just to name a few examples. You can even give a small discount for following you on Instagram for the first time. At a minimum, you should get the person’s name, email address, and phone number when they enter the contest. This will allow you to send them promotional emails and follow-up with them to see if they’d like to schedule an appointment.

3. Post a ‘Behind the Scenes’ Tour Video

Posting a video ‘behind the scenes tour’ video is a great way to show off your salon to potential customers. You can give a tour of the color mixing room, waiting room, cosmetology stations, and waxing area. Show your followers how relaxing and fun your salon is, so that they’ll be interested in booking an appointment.

4. Publish Sponsored Facebook Posts

Five years ago, it was common for your Facebook posts to reach people organically, but now that number is as low as 1.2 percent, according to Bonsey Jaden. The good news is you can pay for sponsored Facebook posts or ads and reach people in your area with hyperlocal targeting. You can target people who live in a certain zip code, or by a demographic, such as age and gender. It’s best to run several ads at the same time targeting different demographics and see which one performs best.

5. Share Before and After Pictures

Posting transformation photos can engage your customers and show off how talented your stylists are. When posting the photos, ask your customer if you can tag them, and see if they’ll tag you as well if they’re posting it on their personal page. This will allow their friends to see your salon’s social media profile, which will hopefully entice them to follow you or check out your services.

Another great way to get customers to share their pictures is create a selfie station where clients can snap their own before and after pictures. Be sure to have a sign that tells them exactly how to tag you and which hashtags to use.

6. Post Consistently

CoSchedule combined the data from 14 studies to find the optimal number of times per day you should be posting on each social media platform. Their research revealed that you should post one time each day on Facebook, up to 15 times per day on Twitter, 11 times per day on Pinterest, and one or two times per day on Instagram. The bottom line is you should post on each platform daily, or your engagement rates will drop.

In addition, your content shouldn’t be solely sales-focused. Instead, you should also provide useful tips and tricks for styling and products. People want to follow companies that provide value to them and by giving them helpful information, you’ll become a trusted source for salon-related information.

7. Respond to Messages Quickly

Facebook gives a “very responsive to messages” badge to businesses that have a response rate of 90 percent and respond to customers messages within 15 minutes. This shows that you have a commitment to customer service and will allow you to answer patrons’ questions or help them book an appointment.

Conclusion: Social Media Marketing is Necessary

Marketing your salon on social media is a powerful way to engage your customers. By devoting a little bit of time each day to social media marketing, you can grow your salon’s sales and keep your customer’s up-to-date with the latest tips and tricks in the cosmetology industry.

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