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9 Must-Know Marketing Tips for Your Salon
August 04, 2016

9 Must-Know Marketing Tips for Your Salon

If you own a salon, you should be trying new marketing initiatives in order to grow your operations and customer base. With these nine small business marketing tips, you’ll be able improve upon your salon’s current marketing practices, while trying some helpful new ones!

Even if you run a salon with top-notch services, in a spacious location with stylish interior and have exemplary customer service, you cannot succeed if you don’t properly market your business. In the salon industry, marketing is especially pivotal, since growing your client base is key. With these salon marketing ideas, you’ll be able to increase sales, strengthen your brand and reach both existing and new customers.

1. Strike a pose – An easy way to tackle salon marketing is to share pictures on social media of your customers after they’ve received one of your salon’s services. A luscious blowout or flashy manicure can make for the perfect post; so share these images on your page, and encourage your customer’s to do the same. Make sure to remind them to tag your salon’s social media profile in the post, and create a designated hashtag for these posts so users can click and see more selfies made beautiful by your salon!

2. Free is fun – Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Get your customers excited about your salon by holding contests on Instagram, where participants can win discounts or prizes. For example, try incorporating our previous salon marketing tip and have customers post pictures of their most recent haircut from your salon, and everyone that uses your designated hashtag is entered to win a gift card. This is a smart tactic to engage customers and reward them for promoting your services!

3. Send snail mail – Reach potential customers by incorporating direct mail into your marketing tactics. Send a postcard to customers who haven’t been in for an appointment in the past 6 months to a year, so that you can try and re-engage them.

4. Incorporate technology – Use services like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to send out email newsletters to customers about your latest promotions. In addition to informing them about deals, consider sending reminders to customers with upcoming appointments. Another way to keep customers in the loop is integrating automated text messages. That way, you can remind them about appointments, and they can confirm that they’ll be able to make it!

5. Create incentives – Ensure that your customers keep coming back to your salon by starting a loyalty program. For instance, for every 10 appointments they make, they’ll get a gift card to use at your salon. If you aren’t looking to give away cash, give customers a prize that features your salon’s name.

6. Partner up – As you’ve probably heard, there is strength in numbers. That’s why it can be valuable to partner with a local boutique! Hold customer appreciation events where both establishments can market their services. Feature some of their retail items in your salon, so that customers can shop while they wait for their appointments, and ask them if they could hand out business cards with your salon’s information on it. Both parties can greatly benefit from this arrangement!

7. Get ready for your close-up – Spread the word about your salon with an advertisement in a local magazine, or even a radio ad on your area’s most popular channel. Of course, these ads may be expensive, so consider applying for additional working capital to cover the costs.

8. Blog your way to the top – Show off your expertise by starting a cosmetology-focused blog! Have your stylists share their beauty secrets, and offer your perspective on industry trends. With a beauty blog, you can not only boast about your business, but you can also be a resource for customers. Do a lot of your customers ask about how to fix split ends or dry hair? Write a post about it! Listen to their questions and concerns; this will give you great post inspiration.

9. Don’t over promote – All of these salon marketing ideas can provide opportunities for you to flaunt your business, but make sure you don’t appear pushy. It is important to market your business, but don’t forget to interact with customers, too. Building relationships is how you will earn consistent customers.

Make your small business salon a success by trying these salon marketing ideas! If you have great services, don’t be afraid to tell potential customers about them. This is how you can grow your customer base, and your overall business. Let us know in the comment section below how you market your salon!

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