June 06, 2024

The 11 Best Business Construction Blogs

Web content catering to construction professionals has been around for a while, and there are a lot of options out there if you're looking for construction blogs. Blogs focusing on construction and catering to professionals in the field can be an invaluable resource to keep you up-to-date and refine your professional expertise.

To help you navigate the multitude of offerings, we've selected the top eleven construction blogs and podcasts. They deliver rich insights and practical advice tailored to your industry and your specific needs.

These blogs don't just focus on the latest market trends and construction techniques. They bring you stories, experiences, case studies, and knowledgeable perspectives that sharpen your construction business knowledge and help you make better decisions about how you run your business.

Read These Business Construction Blogs

Each of these blogs offers something different, whether it's legal advice, a look into the latest technology shaping industry advancements, or innovators predicting emerging trends.

The goal of showcasing these resources is not just to help you stay informed but to challenge your thinking, stimulate your creativity, and make sure you've got the tools you need to succeed in the competitive construction business.

1. Construction Business Owner

Construction Business Owner launched in 2004 and markets itself as "the construction blog for construction business owners." If you're only going to read one commercial construction blog, this is the one to read. It provides commercial construction business management knowledge from experts in the commercial building industry and has a lot of webinars you can watch to learn more about a topic in-depth.

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2. Buildertrend

Buildertrend has sections devoted to business growth, efficient job sites, and many more subjects of special interest to construction companies. Whether you're a construction executive, a contractor, or one of the many construction workers the site caters to, there will be something here sure to capture your interest.

The articles are geared towards innovative industry trends and business tips you won't see on other blogs, like taking your Instagram to the next level and getting more people to open your emails through writing effective subject lines. They also have a YouTube channel for those who would rather watch videos than read a blog.

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3. AEC Business

Aarni Heiskanen is the founder of this blog, and he's been a consultant, software developer, and architect for more than 30 years. He goes beyond writing about normal business practices by covering innovative topics in construction technology like the Internet of Things, mobile technology, and robotic cleanup on construction sites, making this a great blog for those who value forward-thinking trends and technology. He also has a podcast and releases new episodes about once a month.

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4. Construction Marketing Association

The Construction Marketing Association blog is run by a professional group with a growing membership base. Every construction business owner who handles marketing should read this blog. It has engaging marketing tips specifically for the construction industry and teaches readers how to get more leads, calculate ROI, and use social media effectively.

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5. Planting Acorns

Stewart Perry is a construction firm in Alabama that has a blog that educates other construction business owners. The blog offers great perspectives from the vantage point of a construction company owner, and the posts are short, concise reads. They cover a variety of topics, such as construction law, management, trends across the construction sector, and leadership.

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6. Building Design + Construction

Building Design + Construction is a print magazine that has a variety of resources for construction pros, like case studies, webinars, white papers by industry experts, videos, and more.

If you're looking for information on a specific topic, whether it's commercial renovation, construction management, residential construction or more, you'll most likely be able to find it on this site.

You can view digital editions of the magazine for free on the website, making it one of the only free magazine resources in the industry, which covers everything from emerging technologies to business best practices.

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7. Best Practices Construction Law

Even if you have a lawyer you can call for advice, all construction company owners should understand basic legal principles. Best Practices in Construction Law helps you stay up-to-date with legal trends in construction today, and Matt Devries, a construction & litigation attorney at Burr & Forman LLP, does a great job of making these principles easy to understand.

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8. Engineering News-Record

Engineering News-Record offers engineering and construction news, analysis, and data for engineering and construction professionals. Their blog focuses on marketing and business development insight and is written by C-level executive experts and longstanding writers in the construction industry. If you're a pro builder looking to gain new business, this could be a great blog to read.

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9. Construction Dive

Construction Dive has different sections for retail builders, commercial contractors, legal, design, and technology, so you can easily find topics that are relevant to your business. New content is posted every weekday, so you'll always have access to the latest insights. You can sign up to receive updates daily or weekly.

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10. The ConTech Crew

If you don't have time to read traditional blogs, the ConTech Crew podcast could be an easy way to learn about industry tips while you're driving to work. Each episode features a different industry expert to talk about technology experience, research, and innovation. Podcasts are released once a week, so it's perfect for those that have limited time.

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11. The FBi Buildings Blog

FBi Buildings isn't a federal construction contracting blog but rather a post-frame construction company located in the heart of Northern Indiana. Their blog educates potential customers and other post-frame companies by providing weekly articles about construction projects, product comparisons, new home site preparation, project management, building tips and trends, real estate, and more. They also have a YouTube channel that you can follow to stay up-to-date with what's going on in the post-frame industry.

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Reading business blogs specific to the construction industry is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. If you find a business blog you like, subscribe to it so you can get new material in your email inbox. It may also be helpful to set aside 15 minutes every day to read business blogs.

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