October 05, 2017

3 Simple Halloween Restaurant Ideas to Try

Consumers across the U.S. spend collectively around $7 billion dollars on Halloween, which proves that Americans are willing to shell out a significant amount of money to celebrate the holiday. As a restaurant owner, there are many ways you can capitalize on this consumer spending by appealing to customers’ love of Halloween. In this post, we highlight the top Halloween restaurant ideas that you can implement to increase sales for your restaurant.

3 Halloween Ideas for Restaurants:

1. Decorate your Restaurant

The first of our business Halloween ideas is to consider decorating your restaurant, both inside and out. Start by decking out the exterior of your restaurant with orange and black lights, ghosts, skulls and carved pumpkins. Try not to make it too scary or you could lose customers with kids, if your restaurant is considered to be a family-friendly place to eat. The exterior décor will draw patrons in, but once inside, they will expect a continuation of your exterior spooky adornments. Inside your restaurant, string fake cobwebs along the ceiling and walls and place flickering candles and black and orange place settings on each table. You can also have your servers dress up in costumes and play Halloween music to get your customers in the right spirit.

2. Create a Halloween-Themed Menu

A second way to capitalize on Halloween is to update your menu to include Halloween-themed specials. The items can be regular menu items renamed to fit the Halloween theme, or brand-new additions that are featured just for the month of October. Changing up your menu is one of the many Halloween restaurant ideas that is a surefire way to tantalize your customers taste buds and feed their Halloween fever.

3. Offer Discounts and Other Promotions

During the week leading up to Halloween, consider offering discounts and promotions as one of your Halloween restaurant ideas. Ensure the discounts and specials are linked to Halloween in some way – for example, anyone that comes in wearing a costume, or even sporting the colors black and orange, will receive 20 percent off their bill. Or, think about giving out a special treat for all children that come in wearing a costume. It’s never too early to get into the spirit of Halloween, and kids will be thrilled to have a reason to get dressed up prior to Halloween night. Parents will also be pleased to receive discounts on their bill and a little something extra for their kids. There are countless other Halloween ideas for restaurants, but the tips listed above are the most effective ways to ensure your restaurant gets noticed by both regular and prospective patrons. These ideas will increase foot traffic throughout October as passersby will be likely be interested in experiencing your exciting promotions.

Conclusion: Start Implementing Halloween Ideas for Your Restaurant

Do you have Halloween ideas for restaurants that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.