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How to Choose the Right Food Ordering Apps for Your Restaurant
September 25, 2017

How to Choose the Right Food Ordering Apps for Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry can be a tough environment for new businesses to excel in, due to stiff competition from similar companies. So, how does a restaurant stand out from the crowd? One way that has become quite common is the use of food ordering apps.

With consumers constantly looking for ways to save time, having convenient options for ordering meals has become a must. Once a business decides to implement these ordering methods, the decision of which app to choose can be a tough one. Here are some questions you should ask in order to choose the right food ordering app for your restaurant.

Question #1 – Dine in, Carry Out, or Delivery?

The first question to ask is if you plan on using the app for in-house reservations, delivery or pickup orders, or some combination of all of these. This is a vital consideration because there are many choices when it comes to restaurant delivery apps, but some of them don’t offer options for patrons who want to make reservations or place an order for takeout.

By knowing what your need is for the app, it will help to narrow down the selection quickly.

Question #2: Is it Mobile Friendly?

Another aspect to consider when shopping for food ordering apps is if the app is mobile friendly. People are attached to their phones, and apps that work well with iPhone or Android technology will be valuable to your customers. While many people will still utilize a traditional website or web-based restaurant delivery app for ordering and reservations, without a mobile friendly counterpart, there will be business that is lost. Mobile apps are convenient, trendy and should be a big consideration when choosing the right ordering service for your business.

Question #3: How Social Is It?

The rise of social media spurs the next question of how social is the app. While most food ordering apps will allow minimal social media incorporation, you should determine what each app’s capabilities are. The ideal technology will not only allow users to order food or reserve a table, but also “check in” through social media, share photos with their social network, and even leave reviews or ratings.

Question #4: What about payment and security?

Most people are not going to be concerned about whether their cashew chicken food order is private, but if they are using the app to pay for their food, then security becomes essential. When considering food ordering apps for your business, be sure to ask whether the app will allow payments to be made, and if it does, what security and encryption features it offers. Some apps have the connectivity to not only accept credit cards, but also allow payments from third parties like Venmo or Paypal. Be sure to do your homework and understand what the payment options are, as well as the security associated with each option.

Choosing a food ordering app is a step that can produce big rewards for your restaurant. However, choosing the right one shouldn’t be done without research or consideration. By taking time to weigh the options and see how each “measures up” to your business needs and personal expectations, you will be better able to make an informed choice that will serve you well for years to come.

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