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Find Out How Your Industry Can Take Advantage of National Weddings Month
February 25, 2016

Find Out How Your Industry Can Take Advantage of National Weddings Month

February is National Weddings Month! If your small business isn’t already making money in the wedding industry, find out how you can target this audience.

Love is in the air during the month of February! This isn’t just because of Valentine’s Day – February is also National Weddings Month. You might wonder how this will affect your small business, but the truth is most industries can benefit from gaining wedding business. Whether you’re a restaurant that can make extra cash from catering a reception, or a transportation service that can advertise to wedding parties in need of limos, targeting customers who are getting married will provide you with additional business. If you’re still feeling uninspired, check out our ideas on how to make money in the wedding industry.

1. Restaurants – If your restaurant isn’t already catering weddings, you could be missing out! Catering receptions can be great opportunities to make funds in addition to your establishment’s normal services. Plus, if your food is a hit, attendees may want to use your services for their wedding or other event.In addition to catering, advertising your restaurant as a space for wedding showers or rehearsal dinners is another way to make money in the wedding industry. Make sure to post about this on social media, and have in-house advertisements detailing your ability to host these events.

2. Transportation – On the big day, most couples opt for limos for themselves and their wedding party. If your transportation business already owns limos, you’re in luck. This is a great opportunity to gain additional customers and make money in the wedding industry. Some transportation services may not include limos or luxury vehicles, so consider applying for working capital to add this to your repertoire of services.

Another way to market your transportation service to couples getting married is offering transportation services from the wedding reception to hotels. Most people like to have a few drinks during wedding receptions, and drunk driving can be a huge risk. Wedding parties can rent out your services ahead of time, so that you have plenty of drivers and vehicles ready and waiting at the reception. Make additional cash by also offering your services for bachelor and bachelorette parties, and driving the happy couples to the airport for their honeymoon trips.

3. Retail – Let’s be honest, many brides would argue that the dress is the most important part of a wedding! If you own a dress shop that happens to sell wedding or bridesmaid dresses, you’re already benefiting from this demographic. Same goes for stores that sell men’s tuxedos. Even if your retail clothing store doesn’t sell formal wear for wedding parties, don’t forget about attendees. They may not be as fancily dressed as the wedding party, but by targeting wedding guests, you’ll still be able to sell items. Plus, there are pre-wedding events like bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and for post-wedding, there is the honeymoon. Selling clothing for any of these events will allow your company to gain more business. In honor of National Weddings Month, consider updating your inventory so that you’re prepared to serve this audience.

4. Manufacturing – If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you can still take advantage of National Weddings Month by collaborating with retail stores. Manufacturing wedding garments like dresses or suits can help you gain additional revenue, and expand your small business. If you don’t have the equipment this requires, manufacturing loans are always an option.

5. ServicesOwn a salon? Target wedding parties who need to get their hair and nails done before the ceremony. Marketing your company as being able to perform these services at the bride’s home will surely put you ahead of competition, too.

Another service related industry that can gain wedding business is interior decorating or florists. Most brides want a pristinely decorated wedding and reception venue, so building a portfolio of wedding decorating experience will be extremely beneficial. This also goes for photographers, gaining experience shooting weddings and making a name for yourself in this area will help you continue to get more and more business.

Of course, attendees won’t know about a wedding without invitations. If your business specializes in calligraphy, graphic design or mailing services, try adding wedding invitations to your small business’s offerings.

National Weddings Month is a great time to start thinking about how you can gain revenue for your small business through these celebrations. Almost every industry can find a way to make money through weddings. Let us know in the comment section below how your business serves customers getting hitched!

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