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Competing with Uber: Tips for Transportation Businesses
August 22, 2016

Competing with Uber: Tips for Transportation Businesses

As a transportation business owner, it may seem daunting to compete with big-name companies like Uber, Gett and Lyft. Although they may have bigger budgets and operations, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve upon aspects of your business, so that you don’t fall behind. Check out these six transportation business ideas, and your small business can stand out against the competition.

1. Offer on-the-go service – Don’t just cater to customers who book your services in advance, find a way to provide transportation services to individuals who decide they need a ride somewhere last minute. This may require you to pay drivers to be on-call, but it will be worthwhile when you see a boost in your business’s sales!

2. Provide plush amenities – Let’s face it – people love to feel pampered, so provide first class features that your customers can’t resist! Some larger companies provide bottled water or small snacks for their customers, to make their ride more relaxing. Installing XM radio can also add to the customers’ experience. These extra costs may seem unnecessary, but they could help you retain your customers and win new ones!

3. Get tech-friendly – Part of Uber and other big transportation companies power is their mobile apps, which makes it easy for users to book rides on-the-go. Your transportation business can capitalize on that form by integrating your services into a mobile app, too. Consider applying for transportation financing to fund this project, and encourage your users to download the app, and receive a discounted ride. Another transportation business idea involving technology that can improve your business is installing GPS trackers in all of your business’s vehicles. That way, you’ll always be able to give customers an exact time for when their driver will be arriving.

4. Expand overall operations – Provide services to a bigger radius, hire more drivers, and stay open more hours. Uber and many of their similar competitors are round-the-clock services. That may not be possible as a small business, but your transportation company can expand its operating hours and radius, in order to gain more revenue. Again, this may require pursuing transportation financing, but ultimately this investment will pay off when you’re able to serve more customers!

5. Reward return customers – Many large companies offer incentives where consistent customers are rewarded with free or discounted rides. Your transportation business could offer something similar, where customers are given free rides after they use your services a certain amount of times.

6. Provide customer service that can’t be beat – One of the strengths to capitalize on is having high quality small business customer service. If your customers recognize that your business takes pride in providing top notch service, they will be likely continue to keep using your business. They may even bring you new customers, by providing a stellar recommendation! Big transportation companies may not be able to provide this kind of service, so make sure to amplify this aspect of your business.

Don’t feel inferior against transportation giants like Uber! There are numerous ways that your business can stand out, so consider trying these transportation business ideas. You’ll be able to provide small business customer service that stands out against larger companies, while also upgrading your services and amenities. Have more suggestions for transportation businesses? Let us know in the comment section below!


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