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How to Recruit Employees Without Breaking the Bank
September 04, 2018

How to Recruit Employees Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s face it: without great employees, it can be difficult to run a successful small business. Due to this, it’s crucial that you recruit talented people to serve your customers and handle day-to-day operations without exceeding your business’s budget. In this post, we’re sharing low-cost or free ways to recruit employees for your company, so that you can build your team while still running a lucrative venture.

Recruit Employees with These Four Cost Effective Methods:

1. Use Free Recruiting Sites

 It shouldn’t be surprising that many job searchers are using the internet to find their next career opportunity. Luckily there are numerous job posting websites that make it easy to put your open positions, getting them in front of millions of job seekers. Below, you’ll find details about a few popular free or affordable sites that you can use to attract candidates:

  • Indeed has over 200 million visitors each month, with 100 million users who have uploaded their resume to the site. You can post job postings for free on Indeed.
  • Simply Hired also allows you to post listings for free. When a potential employee applies, you’ll receive an email with their resume.
  • Glassdoor offers a free trial, allowing you to post up to 10 jobs for 7 days before you start paying for each post.
  • Zip Recruiter charges a fee to publish job posts but offers a 7-day free trial to start. When you post a job, Zip Recruiter automatically cross posts on over 100 job boards, so you’ll considerable exposure with minimal effort.

2. Ask Employees and Other Professionals for Referrals

Recruiting websites can reach a wide audience, but other options, like referrals, can make the process more personal. Your current employees have the inside scoop about who you are, what your company stands for, and what your company culture is like. That makes them excellent spokespeople for your company and could make it easy for them to identify individuals who would be a good fit for any open positions.

To motivate employees to refer candidates, consider offering an incentive to any employee whose reference is hired. Incentives don’t need to be cash bonuses. Instead, you might offer extra vacation time or a gift card. These incentives are relatively low-cost and will be well-worth it when you recruit a qualified individual who will enhance your business.

While your employees will most likely generate the most referrals, don’t limit your search there. Ask connections in your industry for recommendations as well. Vendors, partners, and former coworkers might have good candidate suggestions for you. Everyone knows someone looking for a new job opportunity, and that person might just be a great fit for your company. Plus, receiving referrals from colleagues won’t cost you anything (you might owe them dinner or a cup of coffee, though)!

3. Utilize Social Media

 While you’re considering your industry connections, don’t forget to utilize your social connections.  Social media is an incredible tool for businesses, especially when it comes to recruiting employees. According to AdWeek, 92 percent of recruiters find job candidates through social media. You can do the same, for very little cost.

LinkedIn should be your first stop. The site is designed for building professional profiles and networking opportunities. When users log in, they’re likely already thinking about their career, whether they’re actively searching for a new job or just connecting with others in their industry. Due to this, you can attract talented professionals through your business’s page, or you can browse profiles to find strong candidates. With LinkedIn’s unique payment plan, you’ll only pay for a job posting when a candidate views it. You can set a daily budget, and LinkedIn will let you know how many applicants will be able to view your posting based on the amount you set.

In addition, you can contact your personal social connections on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Share your company’s job lists, with a link to your company website where people can find more information. Be sure to allow your friends and family to share the posts so they can help you by reaching out to their social networks as well. Posting on your personal and business social media pages is free, so your posts will reach that audience. To reach even more people, you can create a Facebook ad with a similar payment plan as the LinkedIn plan described above. Set your daily budget, choose your target audience, then let Facebook share your message.

4. Join Online Communities

Social media may help you find that one perfect candidate through your connections with others. Still, you might need to cast a wider net, which is why industry-specific online communities can be useful.

There are groups, forums, and message boards for nearly every type of business. Start by researching communities within your industry. For instance, you can join a few Facebook groups, and ask the group administrators if you can post job openings on the page. Or, you can utilize Reddit to find industry-specific subreddits for people in your industry and make a post announcing that you’re looking for new employees. These types of networking groups are free to join, so it’s easy to spread the word about your posts without having to tap into your recruiting budget.

Most industry will have at least a few standalone forums where professionals come together to ask questions, share advice, and talk about challenges. Some examples include Stack Overflow for programmers, Wall Street Oasis for finance professionals, and Foundation List for those in nonprofit. While some forums have paid pro level memberships, many are free to join.

Start Finding Great Candidates

There are many affordable ways to find great job candidates, both online and offline. With networking, word of mouth referrals, and social media, you can easily reach out to many job candidates without surpassing your recruiting budget.

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