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How to Show Appreciation for Your Small Business Employees
March 04, 2016

How to Show Appreciation for Your Small Business Employees

Small business employees fill a variety of roles, and they often take on projects outside of their designated job descriptions. Without reliable, hardworking employees, most small businesses could not survive. Due to this, it is crucial that your staff feels appreciated. Think about it – would you want to work hard for a boss who didn’t acknowledge your efforts?

By taking the time to do small things for your team, you will help them to feel respected in the workplace. Since March 4th is Employee Appreciation Day, check out these five inexpensive, easy to execute employee appreciation ideas your team will love:

How Can a Business Show Appreciation for Employees?

1. Plan a Surprise Catered Lunch

Has your staff been especially productive lately? Award their efforts by surprising them with a catered lunch. In addition to rewarding your employees, it will provide an opportunity for team bonding.

2. Choose an Employee of the Month 

Once a month, recognize one staff member who has displayed dedication to your small business. Feature a short biography about them in your company newsletter, and take them out to lunch. These rewards will inspire your employees to work hard in hopes of gaining this acknowledgment. It will also give you the opportunity to get to know your employees better.

3. Acknowledge Birthdays and Anniversaries

Although there probably isn’t time to commemorate each special occasion separately, plan something to celebrate all of the birthdays and work anniversaries that occurred during the previous month. This can be simple, like having your team sign a birthday card for the individual, having cupcakes during lunch, or ordering pizza. Whatever it is, your associates will appreciate the sentiment.

4. Recognize Employees Going Through Adversity

If a member of your team recently experienced a loss, or is dealing with health problems, make sure they know their boss and co-workers care. Have your staff sign a card sending well wishes, or mail flowers to their home address. It is nice to celebrate achievements, but just as important to identify when your associates are enduring difficulties.

5. Send Thank You Cards

It is convenient to thank employees for their efforts by sending them a quick email or telling them verbally, but a sincere, hand-written card is a thoughtful gesture. If a staff member has been going above and beyond their required duties, stayed late to finish a project or offered to train a new employee, write them a thank-you note. By explaining why you appreciate them, and how it helped your business, they will feel pride in their work. In addition, if they did something especially impressive, consider including a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop. Employee appreciation ideas like these go a long way!

By trying these employee recognition ideas, your team will feel inspired to work harder knowing they are appreciated. Small businesses require extra effort from their employees, but they also provide the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships amongst your staff. Acknowledge your staff with these employee appreciation ideas, and they will love coming to work every day! Let us know in the comment section below which employee recognition ideas for small businesses you swear by.

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