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7 Best Business Ideas for College Entrepreneurs
October 17, 2017

7 Best Business Ideas for College Entrepreneurs

Being a young entrepreneur can be a rewarding experience, so what are you waiting for? To become a successful entrepreneur, you need an awesome idea and a smart implementation strategy. While you might think that you must be a seasoned entrepreneur to start a business, that’s not true!

As a college student, you might be majoring in a discipline such as business or entrepreneurship. Take what you’re learning in your coursework, and apply it to a profitable project. Even though you do not have the experience of a business veteran, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue your business dreams. In this post, you’ll learn about six small business ideas that college students should consider.

1. Start a Tutoring Business

Do you excel at a particular course? Perhaps you fluently speak a foreign language, or are a math genius. Then you should consider starting a tutoring service! Whether you’re interested in teaching in-person lessons or an online course, you can make significant money by starting a tutoring business. Make sure that you market your services at your college’s career center, online and any other way that will connect you with struggling students.

2. Create an E-Commerce Store

You can now launch your digital store in a matter of a few minutes. For example, Shopify and Etsy allow you to sell your own products and manage orders through their portals. If you have inventory that you can sell, such as jewelry, woodworking products or other goods, why not make money from your hobby?

3. Copywriting

If you’re a talented writer, consider starting your own copywriting business. You could make money by editing essays, news articles, marketing materials and other content. Again, making money as a college entrepreneur can be easy when you’re utilizing your talents. If you enjoy writing and editing, you might as well utilize your skills to make money.

4. Develop an Android/iOS App

If you’re good at coding, why not put this skill to use and create a successful app? There seems to be an app for everything these days, with almost every business or service having an app for their customers to utilize.

Using your coding skills, you could start your own app, or work as a freelancer for a company or brand, and help them create an app. Regardless of the route you take, you could start a profitable app-building business during your college career.

5. Become a Social Media Influencer

Start a YouTube channel, Instagram account or other social channel that offers a unique perspective and fresh content. Through this, you can become an authority on a topic or niche.

As you acquire a large following, you could gain opportunities for advertising and other paid ventures. For instance, you might be paid to promote a product, and will be paid if your efforts help the business make sales. It will be difficult to become an overnight social media success, but by following best practices and being diligent about pursuing beneficial partnerships, you could become a must-follow influencer.

6. CPA Marketing

Cost per action marketing is a great small business idea. What you basically need to do is put different offers that big advertisers promote in front of your audiences. These offers are different, and there are several categories like e-mail sign-ups, trial signup, mobile phone number, and so on.

The good thing about CPA marketing is that you can find offers that don’t require your audience to pay money. It will only cost them time, and you will earn more money. Here’s more information on CPA marketing.

7. Translation Services

If you’re multilingual, you should consider offering translation services. Working as a translator can be a great venture to pursue because it can be applied in a variety of situations.  For example, you could translate documents for clients, work in an office as a translator for a multilingual team, or join a team of global language solutions. Offering professional translation services can allow you to utilize your existing language-speaking skills to assist clients, and if you’re successful, could turn into a full-time job.


Starting a small business can be extremely rewarding. The true challenge lies in committing to a long process of trial and error. You need to measure, optimize and scale your operations for growth to remain constant.

If you have any other business ideas for college entrepreneurs, let us know in the comment section below.

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