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Marketing Tip of the Month: Utilize Print Marketing
April 14, 2017

Marketing Tip of the Month: Utilize Print Marketing

Advertising your small business is an important part of generating new business. If you don’t put time and money into your marketing efforts, you’ll have a difficult time growing your customer base. While online and social have become increasingly popular, it is imperative that you don’t forget about print marketing.

Producing remarkable print content will help you improve your branding, customer outreach and hopefully allow you to bring in more sales.

In this post, we’ll share six print marketing ideas that you can implement, so that you can better advertise your small business!

1. Ads in magazines and newspapers – Designing print ads for magazines and newspapers will help you catch the eye of readers who may need your products or services. Prior to buying advertising space, confirm that the publication’s audience is related to your customer base. If you advertise in a publication that is dissimilar from your business’s usual buyers, it will be a waste of money.

Do research on print marketing ideas, so that you can create an ad that visually stands out against neighboring averts. In addition, try testing different designs, headlines and content, to see which ads get the most responses.

2. Business cards – Make networking a priority by printing professional, eye-catching business cards. This is especially valuable if you own a service business that relies on referrals and people having confidence in your skills. It will be advantageous to have business cards on you at all times, so that you can hand them out to interested patrons!

3. Materials for events and sales – Ensure that any promotional events or big sales receive more traffic by creating print marketing documents to advertise them. You can feature these materials in your business’s location, and at nearby areas where posting flyers is permitted.

4. Flyers with social media handles – Get people to visit your business’s social media profiles by making print marketing materials that feature your handles. This is a smart way to incorporate digital and print marketing efforts. Plus, if someone hears about your business, having an attractive business card to give them will guarantee that they don’t forget about your business, and can look you up online.

5. Posting print ads on community boards – Reach out to the individuals in your community by posting your print marketing collateral wherever flyers are accepted. By doing this, you’ll be able to connect with people who may not have heard of your business otherwise. You never know who could be perusing these areas, looking for small businesses like yours!

6. Sending direct mail pieces – Don’t forget about traditional snail mail! It is important to build a mailing list and target potential customers by sending them post cards, branded letters, brochures and other promotional materials. This can help you increase sales, while educating your customers on your business.

Make print marketing an integral part of your advertising plan going forward. While some businesses may benefit from this type of marketing collateral more than others will, you should try different strategies to see what works best for your establishment.

Has your business had success with print marketing projects? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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