November 14, 2016

Marketing Tip of the Month: Using Instagram

Using Instagram for business is becoming increasingly common, so make sure you’re taking advantage of it!

1. Promote Your Brand

Use Instagram to convey your brand message and style. If you run a restaurant, you can post pictures of your establishment, and the items on your menu. Maybe you work in an industry like transportation, and your customers aren’t visiting a business location when they use your services. Share images that show off your branding, like your logo or business slogan. Include images of customers, with captions explaining why they love your business. Even if you think your business’s industry isn’t conducive to Instagram’s format, brainstorm ways that you can advertise your services on the platform!

2. Hold a Giveaway

Connect with customers by holding giveaways they can’t resist! Entice your Instagram followers to enter contests by instructing them to ‘like’ a photo you post, or by sharing their own picture of your items or services. Then, have them tag your business’s page. By doing this, you’ll gain more visibility on Instagram, which could mean gaining more customers! Giveaways can help you increase customer engagement, and they’ll appreciate the free stuff.

3. Use it For Customer Service

Interact with customers on Instagram and provide them with excellent customer service. On the app, you can respond to customer’s comments, requests and complaints, and direct them to next steps. In addition, in your business’s Instagram bio, include a link to your website, phone number and other relevant information. By registering your page as a business, you’ll be able to easily add these components, and customers will have another reliable way to contact your business!

4. Show Off Company Culture

As a small business owner, it’s likely that you’re always trying to recruit the best and brightest talent. Use your Instagram profile to show off your business’s company culture, so that applicants can get a taste of what it is like to work at your business. Using Instagram for business is important, but don’t forget to try and reach out to potential employees, too!

5. Try Paid Advertising

If your audience is active on Instagram, it might be lucrative for you to explore Instagram’s paid advertising options. You can share sponsored posts, that are targeted towards individuals in your customer demographic. By adding paid efforts to your Instagram marketing strategy, you may be able to attract new customers. Regardless of your business’s industry, using Instagram for small business promotion is worth exploring. Businesses in the retail industry can show off their inventory, while a construction business can share snapshots of finished projects. If your business is in the services industry, create content that will convince your audience that they need your assistance. If you’ve found success using Instagram for business marketing, let us know in the comment section below!