January 29, 2016

How to Maintain Your Small Business’s LinkedIn Profile

When tackling small business marketing, it is important to have a platform to network, recruit and share company news. By now, you have probably heard of the benefits that come with having a LinkedIn page for your small business. Although creating a company profile is a great start, maintaining it will benefit your business in numerous ways. Here are five LinkedIn components to update consistently that will be helpful to your customers and the success of your business:

5 Ways to Maintain Your Business's LinkedIn Profile

1. Update Your Company's Basic Details

Update your business’s contact information, operating hours and address when necessary. Displaying incorrect or outdated information will harm your credibility, and potentially cause you to lose business. This shouldn’t be something you have to edit often, and will be an easy way for customers to find out information about your small business.

2. Share Information About Your Leadership Team

If your company has recently changed leadership, share this on your LinkedIn profile. In addition, ensure that the page administrator is still in authority. Remove employees from this role following their departure, since the page administrator has control of the account and editing capabilities.

3. Post Links to Other Pages

Add links to your business’s website and other social media platforms so that your LinkedIn followers can see all of your published content. Including project samples and links to other company related documents is also a smart idea, since it will show visitors that you care about your business’s presence on LinkedIn.

4. Publish Open Positions

LinkedIn is a convenient place to post open job positions, interact with applicants and view their qualifications. Many job seekers use LinkedIn as their main job search portal, so it is important to keep the careers section updated. The hiring process can be time consuming, so using LinkedIn is a great tool to use for finding new employees in an organized manner.

5. Send InMail Messages

Periodically check your LinkedIn messages, since there could be job inquiries, collaboration ideas or other networking opportunities. Try to respond promptly so your business does not miss any new prospects. Small businesses can benefit from utilizing LinkedIn’s services and keeping their page as up-to-date as possible. Even if you don’t have the time to write posts or interact with followers on a daily basis, these five initiatives will help you gain another small business marketing opportunity. Good luck!