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5 Email Marketing Tips For Developing Effective Strategies
February 23, 2020

5 Email Marketing Tips For Developing Effective Strategies

Email marketing is a tool that companies use to connect with customers. When used correctly, it can increase sales significantly and help maintain a list of loyal customers. The internet has given people access to more information than ever before. The amount of data and information is overwhelming. Companies that provide valuable information will attract more potential customers. Email marketing is one of the best methods for delivering those messages.

It takes more than just sending a bunch of emails to your list of customers, though. This article focuses on strategies that increase conversions and keep people on your email list.

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

The money is in the list is a common phrase that marketers like to say. They keep saying it because it’s true. If you develop a well-optimized list, it’s like having a personal ATM. It’s a license to print money.

One reason email is effective is that you have multiple opportunities to sell. Do you remember the last time you signed up for a free report online? You likely received several emails after that sign-up. You may have bought a few items from that person, too.

Email works, as long as you follow email marketing best practices. If part of your marketing strategy is to bombard your list with sales pitches, you can expect a high number of unsubscribes.

However, when you implement the right strategies, you’ll learn that email marketing builds trust. That is a fundamental component of selling. Do you prefer to buy from people you trust or from unknown entities? Your customers will buy from you, and more frequently, when they trust you.

You’ve probably read about how email marketing is dead. Social media reigns supreme, according to the marketing pundits, and email marketing is now a waste of time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The rules have changed with email marketing, and it does add to your to-do list. However, learning the right strategies are going to generate sales from customers like you never could’ve imagined. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Email Is Some Of The Highest Converting Marketing

Is email effective enough to justify the effort? What would a customer acquisition rate of 40-times over social media do to attract your attention? If you find that compelling, then email marketing belongs in your marketing toolbox.

Before you sign on the dotted line with an email marketing solution company, though, you’ll want to implement strategies that can help you reach a high ROI. Provide value to your list, and you’ll have them coming back for more.

Companies should view email marketing as the communication channel to help keep in touch with interested customers. It is a vehicle to teach them how your products and services can make their lives better.

Email Marketing Tips For 2020 Marketing Plans

When you decide to implement email as part of your marketing plan, focus on quality over quantity. All too often, business owners create email campaigns to get as many people to join their lists as they can. However, the majority of these people will never open another email.

Follow the email marketing tips in this article, and you’ll create a foundation for attracting quality subscribers. Many successful lists bring in subscribers for years and keep them on their lists. That is the sweet spot for marketing. Once it starts happening, you’ll likely be earning passive income.

1. Start From The Bottom: The Right Template For Your Campaigns

Many email marketing platforms offer templates to their members. These templates are divided into categories based on the type of emails you want to send. If you want a sales-related template or an informational one, it’s there for your use.

The choices for templates are extensive with email providers. They continue to add more to increase the value to members. While fancy graphics may look nice, they aren’t always the most effective. Often, plain text is a perfect choice.

It’s a common practice for marketers to use swipe files, which are a form of templates. These are emails that have worked in the past based on particular criteria. For instance, if you had a successful campaign for music lovers, you could choose that swipe file and modify it for your needs. Save your successful emails as swipe files.

You may swipe emails from other successful marketers, but only if you modify them. Copying the swipe verbatim could get you into trouble. It’s more difficult to spot this as your email is private. However, you never know if the person you swiped the emails from is on your list.

2. Email Optimization To Boost Conversion Rates

Email optimization is crucial to boost your conversion rates, but it’s confusing as to its meaning. One easy change is to keep your emails short. There are exceptions to this rule, but people don’t want to read long emails. Think about the emails you receive.

The heading is one of the most important aspects of your emails. Without a good heading, your readers won’t open the emails. Your open rates will plummet, which affects the metrics from your email provider. Besides, most providers charge you per email subscriber.

In your emails, it’s important to always include a call to action (CTA), as many of your visitors won’t know what to do without a CTA. It should be something related to what your targeted audience desires.

We’re motivated by two forces: increasing pleasure or avoiding pain. It’s easier to target the pain points of people as that is a stronger motivator. People like to be entertained, but if a problem is holding them back, they’ll stop at nothing to find a solution. Using either of these motivators can be effective, though.

Incorporate storytelling into your email messages. Even before language, humans used cave drawings to illustrate the stories of their time. We relate to stories and connect with their messages.

3. Ensure Your Emails Are “High-Performing” By Split Testing

Split testing is a marketing technique that helps to find the best components of a campaign. The concept entails creating a copy of an email and replacing a few components. Then, keep the one that performs the best. Repeat split testing until you reach your target optimization rate.

If you have landing pages that are part of your campaign, you can split test them as well. Try out different components on the landing page and measure which perform better. It can be something as simple as changing the color of a CTA button.

There are two schools of thought on how to split test campaigns. Many marketing experts suggest making tiny changes for each iteration, but this can take a long time to measure.

Conversely, significant variations can be measured for extreme changes in metrics. Then, you can fine-tune the changes based on the results. This is quicker but less accurate.

4. Manage and Segment Contacts Properly

A large list of subscribers is impressive, but it’s not always effective. Did you know your email service provider may penalize you when subscribers are not responsive? You’re also paying for these subscribers. It pays to weed out the ones who don’t open your emails.

Why do people sign up for email lists if they have no intention of reading future messages? You’ll find many freebie seekers and fence-sitters when you run email marketing campaigns. People love to receive free items. This is the incentive many marketers use to get people on their lists.

Your email provider will capture statistics about your campaigns, which you can use to examine your open and click rates, as well as your unsubscriber rates. Use these to manage your list, so that you don’t email people who aren’t engaging with your content.

Another tip to consider is segmenting your lists. For instance, have you ever received an email from a vendor you bought a product from, asking if you want to buy that same product? Your email provider has tools to funnel subscribers to different lists based on actions such as buying.

In addition, you can segment your list using demographic information. When you target the right people, you can increase your ROI.

After you clean your list, also known as scrubbing, the remaining subscribers are likely to be the most responsive. They are your cherry-picked group of people.

5. Write A Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy

It’s within reach of small business owners to create an inbound marketing strategy. Use the following guidelines to help.

  • Determine your ideal customer: Use Facebook Insights or other tools to gather information about your target customer. You can also use United States census data to gather demographic information.
  • Discover the problems your ideal customers are having: When you know this, you can present your products and services to help them. People will use forums and blogs to search for answers to their problems. This is a good place to start.
  • Know the Customer Stages (Funnel): The customer usually goes through stages before purchasing products. The first is an exploratory stage, where the customer learns about the product and the industry.

In the second stage, the customer narrows down a few product selections by one or more vendors. Lastly, the third stage is the buying stage. The customer is almost ready to buy but would like validation through testimonials and reviews.

You can create your content to coincide with each stage. Provide useful but general tips at the beginning of the funnel. As the customer progresses through the stages, you can publish more detailed content about your products.

Our Final Thoughts On Email Marketing

Email marketing takes a commitment, but it can add to your bottom line. If you don’t have time to commit to marketing, consider hiring a marketing agency skilled in this area. Be critical of any claims made by the agencies you’re considering and ask for proof of their past success.

It’s possible to handle email marketing yourself. The tips in this article will help, and you can learn about some of the best email marketing software.

It takes persistence and some experimentation to make marketing campaigns work. It’s crucial to test your campaigns, as you’ll want to measure their success. Continue to learn and apply that knowledge to your marketing.

Learn what your competitors are doing with their marketing efforts. Sign up for their newsletters and even pay for a few products to learn more about their sales funnels. When you discover a competitor is stealing market share, analyzing their campaigns can reveal their strategy.

At Fora Financial, we publish quality tips to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We can help you, too. When you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive these tips when they’re published.


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