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The Benefits of a CRM and Marketing Automation Integration
November 06, 2017

The Benefits of a CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software – they go together like peas and carrots, or peanut butter and jelly if that’s more your thing.

So, why do some businesses invest in one, without any consideration for the other? Below, we’ll explore some of the influential benefits a completely-integrated CRM and marketing automation solution can have for your business.

Assists with lead nurturing

When it comes to sales and marketing, it’s usually the marketing team who ends up handling a majority of the purchasing process. Most buyers have visited a company’s website, social media sites, and other marketing materials prior to interacting with a sales representative. That’s why the early stages of the buying cycle are essential in convincing prospects to make a purchase.

With a CRM-integrated marketing automation tool, lead nurturing and management become more streamlined. Tools like landing page optimization and integration allow marketers to access relevant prospect information that is generated through the company website, before being sent to the sales team.

Without an integrated solution, this type of data collection is a manual process, with a high chance of lost or unaccounted prospect information.

Elevated understanding of customers and prospects

The key to a successfully aligned sales and marketing strategy is data. When you’re working with high-quality, accurate data, it affects all aspects of sales and marketing – from forecasting to email marketing campaigns.

Customer relationship management and marketing automation software work simultaneously to collect powerful, influential customer and prospect data. While marketing automation leads the collection efforts through landing page qualification tools or email marketing automation, CRM organizes data, so that it is stored securely and can be easily analyzed.

If you discard one of these solutions, you’re missing half of the invaluable data collection strategy.

Lead scoring and tracking

When collecting leads online, you’ll probably notice how the quality varies from lead to lead. Some leads are extremely promising, while others might appear to be spam. As such, determining which prospects are most likely to purchase your products or services should be a priority.

With only marketing automation, it can be challenging to collaborate with sales to ensure leads are being captured and nurtured over time. On the other end, using only a CRM solution, scoring and tracking leads can be a forgotten step.

When the two are integrated, you can create automated lead-scoring codes to rank prospects based on their online habits. The integrated solutions will help keep sales and marketing aligned regarding current lead nurturing strategies and the sales cycle.

Unified support and knowledge base

Working with two or more software companies can be a challenge, especially when you need support and guidance from more than one company at once.

One vendor might have 24/7 live support, while the other’s support team is based in a different country. With a fully-integrated CRM and marketing automation solution, these pain points are nonexistent. If you need assistance from your software vendor, you won’t have to worry about bouncing between two or more support centers.

Additionally, working with one company can often help expedite the process since the all-in-one support team likely works with both product lines.

Brings sales and marketing teams closer

When sales and marketing efforts are aligned, they produce better results. The same concept applies to CRM and marketing automation. When you bring the two solutions together, you’re bound to be a more efficient, productive, and cohesive business.

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