February 29, 2016

How to Try National Day of Unplugging as a Business Owner

Technology can be a beneficial tool used for running your small business. It offers convenience when planning day to day operations, better payment services for customers, a platform for online advertising and so much more. Unfortunately, because it has so much to offer, it can also serve as a huge distraction. National Day of Unplugging is held from March 4-5, and many people take a vow to stay tech-free for 24 hours. While completely abandoning technology is not prudent as a small business owner, we have some ideas on how to spend this day sans technology.

How to Participate in National Unplugging Day as a Business Owner

1. Use a paper planner or notepad

Not using your online planning service or iPhone’s notepad may seem archaic, but we promise you, there are other ways to stay organized. Physically writing things down can often be a great way to ensure you’ll remember it. Plus, you won’t risk getting distracted by Facebook or YouTube videos if you’re sticking to pen and paper.

2. Send handwritten notes

Typing an email is fast, and autocorrect will fix your careless spelling mistakes, but handwritten notes offer a personalized approach. During your technology-free time, sit down and write handwritten notes to valued customers, your employees or collaborators. You’ll strengthen your business relationships, and the sentiments will be much appreciated.

3. Read up on small business news

Instead of scrolling through Twitter, head to your local book store and pick up some small business related reads. Learning more about your industry and being a small business owner will always be a valuable use of your time, so hit the books while you unplug from technology!

4. Hold a meeting

Ever feel like you’re meetings run longer than necessary? Get your staff together on National Day of Unplugging and have a tech-free meeting. Have everyone leave their phones at their desks, and don’t worry about PowerPoint presentations or other technology related aspects. While trying to unplug from technology, see how tech-free meetings work for your company, and then find a happy middle ground once you’re back to normalcy.

5. Update in-store components

While managing your online presence is important, don’t forget to show your small business’s physical location some love too! On National Day of Unplugging, take time to focus on your store or office space. Do tasks you’ve been putting off, like cleaning, or update a display or area of your location that needs some attention. By participating in National Day of Unplugging, you’ll be able to focus on the non-digital aspects of your small business. You’ll be able to catch up on these things, while also being able to appreciate the convenience technology offers us. The following day, you’ll be feeling extra thankful to have access to email, be able to surf the web and have technology for your business’s operations, but you’ll hopefully have learned perspective, and the benefits of occasionally unplugging. Technology is great; but it is not the only tool to take advantage of, so consider going on a technology cleanse the next time you find yourself going through technology dependence!