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In A World of Technology
July 31, 2013

In A World of Technology

Technology is here to stay. It is important to adapt to trends, and merge technology with business. At Fora Financial, we have experienced first-hand how technology can create a streamlined, secure funding process for our valued customers and partners.

We are all guilty of seeing at least one movie in our time that included flying cars, interactive robots and a future controlled by technology, and wondered if this would one day be our future. While we don’t fly our cars to get around, or interact with robots just yet, technology has become an integral part of our society. With the arrival of the smart phone, tablets and laptops, it seems everyone is constantly “connected.”

No matter where you are, it feels almost impossible to look around and not see an individual with a piece of technology at their finger tips. Technology has made communicating so instantaneous that we can actually talk to a person in another country in real time. It is used in place of human interactions and how we communicate with people on a day to day basis. While technology has allowed us to advance as a society, we now struggle with creating a balance between technology and the way we interact with people.

Not only have these different forms of communication changed how we keep in touch with friends and family, advancements in our technology have also taken over the business world as well. The need to walk into a bank is almost eliminated by online log in capabilities and smart phone applications. At Fora Financial we see how our growing technology is dramatically changing our own day to day process. A customer’s file can be taken from start to finish without actually talking to anyone at the company. While this technology is extremely exciting, we all have to be careful that we don’t lose the personal touch that the business world was built on. We have to remember that business transactions and dealings have been going on since the beginning of time without the use of an online system and its automated responses. The human touch is what can make or break a transaction, and as the financial services industry moves towards automation, and becomes more technology based, the companies that will thrive will create a fine balance between the two.

At Fora Financial we are working on building our Transaction Reporting System, and making advancements every day. While we’ve grown by leaps and bounds because of our ability to use technology to our advantage, we are a company that is built on the balance between technology and human interaction. These balances are proving to be a challenge in the business world today, as companies are becoming more reliant on technology to streamline their operations.  At the end of the day what we all need to remember is the driving force behind any great technological development is the people behind it.

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