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7 Business Communication Tools Your Team Needs
October 11, 2017

7 Business Communication Tools Your Team Needs

Technology has transformed business communication tools to enhance workplace productivity. Instead of flying cross-country to attend an important business meeting, you can press a few buttons to connect with colleagues located halfway across the world. Contemporary team communication tools help businesses of all sizes attract more customers, and thus boosts sales.

The question is not whether you should use online communication tools, but rather which business communication tools do the best job of helping your company grow. In this post, we’ll detail seven tools that you should invest in for your business.

Google Hangouts

Let’s start with one of the most powerful team communication tools – Google Hangouts. This platform allows you to place voice and video calls, chat in real time and deliver messages via multimedia channels.

Google Hangouts works equally well on Android, desktop and iOS mobile devices. It also allows you to connect with up to 10 professional colleagues located anywhere in the world. The best part is that Google Hangouts is free, although you can pay for a subscription to increase the number of people you connect with during your sessions.


Deemed as an all-in-one communication tool, Zoom offers web and video conferencing at a price that most small businesses can afford.

Cross-platform instant messaging eliminates the hassle of trying to connect with a coworker who uses a different computing platform. Conduct a one-on-one performance appraisal or attend a crowded town hall meeting by enrolling in either the basic plan or unlimited plan, which offers online communication tools such as customization and data integration.


The no-frill features of GoToMeeting include a simple to set up and easy to use web conferencing tool. One click allows you to schedule meetings directly from Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. High definition video conferences come with several helpful tools, such as screen sharing and a direct dial-in directly conference line that increase productivity. Plus, GoToMeeting offers different pricing packages, as well as a free trial lasting 30 days.


Cloud-based video communications makes BlueJeans one of the most attractive business communication tools for small businesses operating on tight budgets. Join a video conference by using a mobile phone, desktop app or your favorite web browser. A wide variety of collaboration features across multiple platforms offers you flexibility to use the platform in ways that benefit your business.

BlueJeans also combines workflows, from chatting via Skype to working from Windows Outlook. If you do not have the capability to join a conference from an audio or video device, simply call in to join a business conference.

Unified Meeting5

Developed by InterCall, which creates solutions for digital business conferences, Unified Meeting5 makes online conferencing a breeze for busy small business operators. The all-purpose web, audio and video platform includes simplified scheduling tools that allow you to spend more time with who matters most to your small business; your customers. The streamlined audio call management features work flawlessly with the most popular small business communication tools. Unified Meeting5 uses the same network offered to the enterprise customers of InterCall, which gives you access to the same dependable online connection without having to pay for the enterprise package price.


Small businesses have experienced a surge in the percentage of customers who use mobile electronic devices to place orders and ask questions about products and services. In fact, Web.com says 84 percent of small businesses that have created a mobile marketing presence have enjoyed both short and long-term benefits.

WebEx represents a fully integrated tool that is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile devices. You can conduct a wide variety of business meeting using WebEx, from sales demonstrations to offering remote technical support for one of your products.


Small business operators who want to chat with customers in real-time should consider using Campfire. The web-centric chat platform allows you to address product and service issues promptly, which strengthens the bond between your business and the loyal patrons who drive sales. Features of the old-school communication tool include image uploading, chat transcripts and voice conference calling, as well as the integration of third-party apps with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Now that you’ve learned about these seven communication tools, it’s time to choose which one is right for your business! Once you’ve decided, you’ll likely see a major improvement in how you and your employees are able to communicate with your customers.

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