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How to Hire the Right Pool and Landscaping Employees
June 05, 2017

How to Hire the Right Pool and Landscaping Employees

One of the biggest challenges in the landscaping and pool businesses can be the lack of skilled, quality labor in an extremely competitive environment. Seeking applicants for pool and landscaping careers can be time consuming and expensive.

You’ve probably noticed that you and your competitors are fighting for the same prospective employees with diverse talents, and this trend is only going to intensify. Lawn & Landscape reported that 56 percent of landscaping companies have open positions that they cannot currently fill.

Attracting and retaining skilled individuals is essential to growing your business. If you already have an overflowing work calendar, you need these employees to keep up with the demand. In comparison, if business is slow, these employees will give you an advantage over competitors, as you’ll be able to offer more services. In this post, we’ll offer tips on how you can recruit the best employees for your pool or landscaping business.

3 Tips for Hiring Pool and Landscaping Employees:

1. Hire a Staffing Company

The recruitment process can be expensive for landscaping and pool business owners. To lessen the burden, you may need to hire a staffing service to recruit qualified workers. Speak with the recruiter and explain the qualifications needed for pool and landscaping careers. This will help them find the right applicants for your open positions.

In addition, you may want to write a short job posting that the recruiter can utilize. For example, if you’re hiring landscaping employees, you should include the skills or prior experience they’ll need.  In comparison, prospective pool employees might need certain certifications. This is all necessary information that you should add to your posting. Once it is finished, your staffing company can start the job search. Plus, you can widen your candidate search by marketing open positions on your business’s social media profiles.

2. Provide a Competitive Offer

After you’ve identified applicants who would be a good fit, you must be able to offer them competitive pay and benefits so that they don’t turn down the offer. Among the most important of these pool and landscaping business tips is paying for employee perks, so that you’re able to retain employees once you’ve hired them.

Before making offers, research the average wages for landscaping and pool maintenance jobs. This will help you determine a competitive wage that will entice up-and-coming talent to want to work for your business.

3. Seek Out Employees with Specialized Skills

You should be looking for new additions to your team who can set you apart from competitors. Maybe they have a skill that you or your existing employees don’t have, or bring something else to the business. For instance, when hiring landscaping employees, you could aim to hire someone with horticultural design skills. Having someone with abilities that you or other people on your team don’t have could allow you to offer new services to your customers.

Conclusion: Invest in Your Landscaping and Pool Business’s Team

To implement these recruiting practices, your business may benefit from additional working capital to pay for the hiring process and employee wages. There are many talented individuals seeking pool maintenance jobs and landscaping careers – you just need to find them!

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