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6 Technology Tips for Your Small Business
June 06, 2016

6 Technology Tips for Your Small Business

Take your small business to the next level with these six technology tips! From security to mobile commerce, there are many ways your small business can grow its technology efforts.

When it comes to running your small business, technology can set you apart from the competition. Technology can make your life infinitely easier, and streamline your business’s communication, sales, productivity and other matters. Regardless of your business’s industry, you’ll need to utilize technology in business in order to succeed. Technology for business is an important area to focus your efforts on, so check out our top tips!

1. Don’t cut corners – The cardinal rule of small business technology: don’t try and skimp on costs. Paying for cheap services often produces the same kind of results. You’ll have to pay to get things fixed, and you could also put your business at risk for safety issues, like getting hacked. If you truly can’t afford to pay for the necessary technology tools, consider applying for working capital, or re-writing your business plan and setting aside money in your budget for technology.

2. Back to basics – Things that may seem simple, like email services and websites, should be fully functional. Having a well-designed, professional website is pivotal, as it is a direct representation of your small business. Email services shouldn’t be from providers that don’t offer top quality services, because it will directly affect your communication with employees, customers and partners.

3. Hire a pro – Save yourself the stress and hire someone to handle technology related matters. Even if you don’t have the funds to pay for a full-time employee, having someone you can rely on for technology help will ease your mind. When it comes to using technology in business, it is important to recognize that you may not be able to handle it all yourself, and that you may need to outsource some projects to a professional.

4. Focus on security – One of the most important aspects of technology is security. Running a small business means having employee, customer and financial records that cannot be leaked. Give yourself peace of mind by investing in the necessary technological security measures, and educate yourself on online protection. Reading up on small business technology tips will help you stay on top of this matter and keep your business’s private documents secure.

5. Make it mobile – Mobile matters! Making sure that your website is mobile friendly will be a huge help when customers need to access your site on their phones. If your business is in the retail industry, e-commerce is also one of the small business technology trends that you should consider investing in. Having a secure, easy way for customers to purchase your products or services will set you apart from competitors, and help boost your sales.

6. Conference tools – If you’re frequently holding phone or Skype conference calls, you’ll benefit from having the appropriate services. Planning a conference call and then not having efficient tools will be embarrassing for your small business, and distract you from the matters you need to discuss.

Even if you’re not a technology savvy person, considering these six tips will help your small business in the long run. Technology in business doesn’t have to be daunting, and you can use it to your advantage. Let us know in the comment section below how your small business uses technology!

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