June 01, 2017

National Nurses Day Presents Chance to Discuss Business Ideas

National Nurses Day is tomorrow! This holiday provides the chance to celebrate the value of nurses and the services they provide for their patients. It is also an opportunity to explore how nurses can start their own ventures and contribute to healthcare outside of the traditional hospital or doctor’s office setting.

In addition to nurses finding creative ways to put their skills to use, medical businesses are finding that there are ways in which they can utilize working capital to benefit from hiring talented nurses. This could be by using a loan to pay for staffing services to recruit nurses with specialized skills, or investing in nursing technology.

In this post, we’ll examine the changing landscape of the medical field, and explain how nurses and medical businesses can take advantage of emerging trends.

Business Ideas for Nurses:

Nurses as Technology Reviewers

Advances in technology are bountiful in the healthcare field. Once complex procedures have been simplified, it is easier to treat patients and put them on paths to recovery.

While technology is largely embraced, there are instances when it can create problems.

Research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) shows how some of the most well-intentioned medical technology can be problematic. The NCBI explains how nurses could play a role in raising red flags by:

  • Setting and evaluating institutional, organizational and public policy related to technologies.

  • Ensuring that the technologies they use meet international quality and safety standards, as well as technical specifications, needed to perform in the clinical environment.

  • Making institutional decisions with their input and the participation of other critical stakeholders.

  • Getting involved in the policies and processes related to training, monitoring and reporting adverse events related to technology.

Nurses can be instrumental in overseeing technology updates and confirming that they will be safe and helpful for their patients.

Independent Business Ideas for Nurses

Technology is also facilitating opportunities for nurses to work outside of the typical settings of hospitals and/or doctors’ offices. Take the Internet of Things, for example. Most commonly referred to as the IoT, this space entails connecting all aspects of a business and using cloud services to store it in a central place so that it is accessible to the key parties.

For a nurse wanting to start a home healthcare business, the IoT is critical. It can help them more efficiently share their patients’ health information with doctors and others on their medical team.

Another business idea that is becoming popular among nurses is blogging. With their expert knowledge, registered nurses can communicate crucial information through their blogs. While it can take some time to build a following and find advertising opportunities to monetize on their writing, this can be a profitable opportunity. If you are an experienced nurse who wants to connect with patients in a different forum, blogging may be a fruitful prospect to pursue!

Financing for Nursing Business Ideas

The blogging business idea for nurses is one that presents an investment opportunity. As noted, this idea will need startup cash for costs such as hiring developers to build the website and paying for other upgrades over time.

As business ideas for nurses continue to grow, the need for working capital increases. To turn your nursing plans into a reality, it may be necessary to apply for a medical business loan. Whether you’re a nurse pursuing an independent business venture, or a medical business owner seeking nursing additions, having working capital can be beneficial. Many lenders require that medical businesses be up-and-running for a certain length of time, so ensure that your business is operational prior to applying.

The Need for Qualified Nurses

Throughout the U.S., the medical field continues to deal with nursing shortages. The number of nurses retiring is only aggravating these circumstances, as many talented nurses are ready to move on from their nursing careers.

Still, the situation has created business opportunities for talented nurses seeking employment. For example, medical businesses can utilize additional working capital to pay for nursing staffing services to hire additional nurses. Working capital can cover the costs of paying top quality staffers who are experts in finding talent.

National Nurses Day Starts Week of Awareness

While National Nurses Day offers the chance to celebrate the contributions of nurses, it also presents a chance to discuss many of the nursing business ideas. Whether you’re a medical business owner seeking nurses to expand your company, or a nurse looking to put your qualifications to good use, the possibilities are endless!