January 10, 2018

5 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

Ultimately, it’s your job as a business owner to motivate your employees. If they think that you don’t care about your operations’ efficiency, why should they? So, to ensure that your business has a productive work environment, follow these five actionable tips!

How to Improve Employee Productivity

1. Set Clear Expectations

If you don’t address employee productivity, they might think that they can get away with lackadaisical behavior. When employees are hired, they should receive proper training, and be fully aware of the work ethic that you require. If you set expectations regarding employee productivity, your staff will know how to perform from the start.

2. Reward Hard Work

It’s important to recognize employees for their hard work. If you have conscientious employees who don’t feel that they receive positive feedback, this might cause them to lose focus. To avoid this, ensure that you’re paying attention to your diligent employees. Reward them for their contributions, so that they don’t lose momentum, or take their talents elsewhere.

3. Limit Distractions

It can be tempting to get preoccupied by smartphones, talking with fellow employees, and other common distractions. Although it is acceptable for your employees to take breaks when necessary, you should ensure that they don’t abuse this. If you notice that employees are frequently sidetracked and its affecting their work, discuss this with them so that they understand your policies moving forward.

4. Assign Employees Enough Tasks

Ensure that each employee has enough tasks to complete during their shifts. You might think that employees aren’t being productive, but it could be the opposite. Perhaps they don’t have enough work to do, so they are either completing tasks quickly, or are spreading out their duties throughout the day. If this becomes a consistent problem, consider the size of your staff, or give employees additional responsibilities.

5. Be a Good Example

If your employees see you texting, surfing the Internet, or simply slacking off, they’ll believe that they can follow suit. As we previously mentioned, it is not realistic to expect you or your employees to never take a break. You should give yourself breaks when needed, since this will likely help increase productivity afterwards. Still, if you are consistently focused on tasks that are unrelated to your role, you should correct your own behavior before scolding your staff. If they see you as a good example, they’ll be more likely to emulate your work ethic.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve learned about how to improve employee productivity at your small business, it's time to implement these suggestions! Offer thorough on-boarding, meet with your employees to discuss goals, and correct behavior when necessary. By motivating your employees, and yourself, you can ensure that your small business is a place where work gets done! Improve-Employee-Productivity

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