January 11, 2017

6 Tips for On-boarding New Employees

In this post, we’ll provide six tips for on-boarding new employees. These suggestions will help make the on-boarding process easier for you, and will guarantee that your newest hires are equipped to take on their roles at your small business! 1. Create an on-boarding checklist – Don’t risk having a disorganized on-boarding process! If an employee’s on-boarding isn’t efficient, it may affect their longevity at your business. Draft an on-boarding checklist to follow whenever introducing new employees to your business. This can include everything that you’ll need to do before the employee starts and any training they’ll need to complete once they arrive. Having this agenda will give you an outline to follow whenever you have new employees to train! 2. Prepare their work space ahead of time – Set up each new employees’ computer, email, phone and work area prior to their start date. If their work space doesn’t require a desk, then verify that whatever tools or credentials they need are prepared before their first day. They should feel comfortable, and like they have everything they need to start strong in their position. 3. Reach out to them before their start date – Ensure that new employees feel welcomed by sending them an email, or giving them a call before their first day on the job. Tell them that you’re excited to have them join the team, and inform them of anything they’ll need to bring to work. Part of the charm of working at a small to mid-sized business is that you’re able to form strong relationships with both your employees and customers. Exhibit this to your new employees from the very start, and your business will be a great place to work. 4. Acclimate them to company culture – On a new employee’s first day, introduce them to their fellow staff members and give them a tour of your establishment. Starting a new job can be intimidating, so make sure that your new employee doesn’t feel like an outsider. If they are quickly accepted, they will be able to focus on mastering their role and being a stand-out employee. 5. Be clear about expectations If you aren’t straightforward about what you expect from your employees, they might not perform at their full ability. When on-boarding new employees, be upfront about what your business’s standards are. Help them set tangible goals that they can tackle during the first few months in their position. Then, meet with them to discuss their progress. This is a productive way to ensure that they are aware of what you expect! 6. Be available, but encourage them to work independently – When hiring employees for your small business, you should aim to find professionals who are able to quickly take direction. As a small business owner, it’s likely that you don’t have time to micro-manage your employees. When introducing a new employee to your business, have an open-door policy, in which they feel like they can come to you with questions or concerns. At the same time, encourage them to do their job on their own, so that they get used to their day-to-day responsibilities. Now that you’ve reviewed these six ways to simplify on-boarding new employees, you’ll be able to ensure that hiring new staff members is a breeze. It can be exciting to watch your small business grow, which is why you should make your on-boarding process a priority. Have on-boarding checklist suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below.