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10 Business Podcasts You Should Listen To
October 13, 2017

10 Business Podcasts You Should Listen To

October 13, 2017
Business podcasts are an ideal learning resource for small business owners. Actionable, insightful and accessible anytime, they’re great to listen to while driving or doing chores. But it can be hard to find the best business podcasts, especially when every podcast bills itself as a cut above the rest. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best business podcasts that we’ve listened to.

Check Out These Business Podcasts:

1. Masters of Scale

Hosted by Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn, “Masters of Scale” analyzes how companies grow. Hoffman, who is also a partner at a venture capital firm, talks to executives at Netflix, Facebook, Airbnb, Minted and more.

In this podcast, you get a firsthand account of the pivotal few years that lead to the (seemingly) overnight success of many tech start-ups. Along the way, you’ll gain insights that apply far beyond Silicon Valley. “Masters of Scale” is also committed to maintaining a 50/50 gender balance for its guests so you hear from a variety of perspectives.

This is one of the best entrepreneur podcasts because listeners get to hear from some amazing guests thanks to Reid Hoffman’s connections.

2. Planet Money

This podcast is put on by media giant NPR. While the show is less about specific tips on how to run a small business than others on this list, it has its value. It blends entertainment with conversations about education about economics.

For example, a recent episode titled, “Hard Work is Irrelevant,” broke down ideas many people hold about how to reward employees. The episode used Netflix as an example of a company that didn’t put much stock in employees’ input. Rather, Netflix focused on output, which executives at the company said was pivotal to their success.

Other episodes on this general business podcast are more entertaining than actionable, but they are all thought-provoking.

3. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur’s “Ready for Anything” podcast features a myriad of topics tackled by a wide variety of people. It’s hosted by the managing editor of Entrepreneur.com, Linda Lacina.

A recent episode on conversational intelligence featuring Judith Glaser showcased how most companies fail to communicate effectively. In the episode, Judith tells listeners about her experiences coaching high-level executives whose lack of listening skills were stifling their innovation.

You can expect similar episodes from the “Ready for Anything” podcast with plenty of success stories and helpful advice.

4. Side Hustle School

As the name implies, this podcast follows the stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners. This show has a slightly different angle than others, though, because the people it profiles started their pursuits as part-time ventures.

This podcast is especially useful for potential small business owners who can’t afford to drop everything and start a business. If you have financial obligations, this podcast will show you how people are making money without risking everything.

This is another one of the best entrepreneur podcasts, mainly because of its special focus on a unique subset of entrepreneurs.

5. Business Insanity Talk Radio

Since 2008, Barry Moltz has been talking about “the craziness of small business.”

Barry Moltz just released his 448th episode with the CEO of a craft soda company called Jones Soda. CEO Jennifer Cue told the story of how she founded the company, left the company (which then declined) and came back to lead the company to profitability.

Barry has interviewed founders, authors, chief marketing officers, speakers and many other interesting people. Small business owners can learn plenty of practical tips from Moltz and his guests.

6. One on One Interviews by Small Business Trends

Wondering how you can receive insights from Instagram and Amazon executives, former NFL players and high-level Salesforce employees? The “One on One Interviews” podcast by Small Business Trends features some awesome guests who share their business expertise.

Host Brent Leary doesn’t just talk to big companies, either. He talks to small business owners on his show and shares their stories. Leary also addresses a variety of business trends like automation, voice recognition and more.

7. Mom Biz Solutions with Lara Galloway

Billing herself as “The Mom Biz Coach,” Lara Galloway educates female business owners through her weekly podcast. While she brands herself as a coach for female business owners, the topics she covers are applicable to any entrepreneur.

A couple recent episode titles were, “Business Basics: ‘Healthy’ Competition and Your Business,” and “Mindset Buster #4: I Have to Work All the Time to Make Money.” Galloway also covers practical topics like outsourcing, measuring financials and more.

8. Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Host Eric Cacciatore discusses a variety of topics relevant to business owners in the restaurant industry on this business podcast. His guest lineup includes famous chefs, marketers and restaurant operators. Cacciatore blends practical advice with motivational stories and philosophies.

One episode included a discussion with Kirk Kelewae who led the New York restaurant Eleven Madison Park to the #1 spot on San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

9. This is Your Life

Your virtual mentor, Michael Hyatt, hosts the “This Is Your Life” weekly podcast. Hyatt’s website bills this podcast as advice that will “help you live with more passion, work with greater focus and lead with extraordinary influence.”

He breaks his podcasts into a few different categories: “Personal Development,” “Productivity,” “Leadership” and “Influence.” His podcasts vary between practical advice, like in the episode, “What to Do with Difficult Clients,” and motivational guidance, shown in “What if The Barriers Were Only in Your Head?”

10. 1 Simple Thing

The gist of this podcast is communicated in the title. The practicality of the podcast is what makes it great for small business owners. Each episode is about 15 minutes long and it covers, you guessed it, “1 Simple Thing.”

The most recent episode featured author Chris Hogan talking about how to set yourself up for retirement. Business podcasts from “1 Simple Thing” cover personal development, productivity, business, money and health and wellness.

Become a Better Entrepreneur By Listening to Business Podcasts

By checking out the podcasts on this list, you can learn about upcoming trends, new skills, and other important information.

Are there any other business podcasts that you enjoy? If so, please share your suggestions with us in the comment section below!

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