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Get Social: 6 Tips for Social Media Day
June 30, 2016

Get Social: 6 Tips for Social Media Day

Take your small business’s marketing efforts to the next level by trying these social media marketing tips! You’ll be able to promote your business, interact with customers and stand out against competitors.

Do you want to learn how to use social media for business? Why not brush up on your social media skills on Social Media Day? As a small business, social media can be an excellent marketing tool that can help you garner a larger customer base. It can also be detrimental if not used correctly. In honor of Social Media Day, check out our list of six ways you can use social media for small business success.

How to Celebrate Social Media Day:

1. Come Up With a Posting Schedule

Don’t spam your followers, or you’ll lose them! It is important to come up with a consistent posting schedule, so that you don’t post too little or too much. If you over-post, you’ll annoy your followers, but if you rarely share content, they’ll have no reason to follow you.

2. Keep Content Relevant

Make sure that your platforms reflect your small business’s brand, goals and services. One of the most important social media marketing tips is knowing your audience. Think about your customers, and what your business offers them. What are their interests and needs? If you know the answer, craft social media content around these aspects. You’ll be able to share pertinent information about your business, while also sparking your follower’s interests with other related subjects they may enjoy.

3. Don’t Mix Business with Personal Posts

Your business and personal social media accounts should always be kept separate. Using one account for both purposes is very unprofessional, and could also be confusing to your customers. Don’t lose credibility over not using social media for your small business appropriately, and get two different accounts!

4. Make Sales

Using social media for your small business can be an excellent way to bring in more leads for your business, and give you an opportunity to show off your products or services. Create social media posts that detail your services, have exclusive offers and grab potential customers’ attention. Although simply posting to your company’s profiles can be a good sales tactic, your business may also benefit from trying paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Interact With Customers

Social media provides another way for small business owners to interact and build relationships with their customers. Don’t be lazy when it comes to customer service via social media. Some customers may prefer sending a tweet or message over social media instead of contacting your business directly. While this may be less convenient for you, it is important to still respond promptly to customers who contact you through social media. In addition, make sure that when you’re dealing with negative feedback or reviews posted on your business’s social media pages, you react in a tactful, professional manner. It can be tempting to respond in the heat of the moment when a complaining customer bashes your business. Seeing a negative review or comment on your business’s page is upsetting; but don’t make the situation worse by responding angrily.

6. Keep Business Information Updated

Don’t make potential patrons question if you’re still in business because you don’t update your business’s contact details on social media. This is a simple task that can save your customers confusion – so make sure you remember to do it!

Conclusion: Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business!

Take the time on Social Media Day to review these social media marketing tips, so that you’re utilizing your business’s platforms in the most effective ways possible! If you have any other social media tips for small business owners, let us know in the comment section below.

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