February 19, 2016

5 Steps to Successful Social Media Recruiting

Finding new hires can be challenging, but social media recruiting can make it stress-free. As a small business owner, you know that utilizing digital platforms can be an effective way to gain customers and market your business. In addition to this, social media can also be a convenient tool useful for finding qualified employees. Follow these tips for social media recruiting, and you’ll find employees who will benefit your small business’s mission and company culture.

How to Master Social Media Recruiting:

1. Encourage Employees to Get Involved

Recruiting new employees begins with including your current team to get involved in the process. Ask employees to promote your business on their professional pages, which will open up your candidate search to a wider audience. Sending a quick tweet or sharing a LinkedIn post detailing their experience at your company may catch the attention of a potential candidate, making your social media recruiting process a huge success.

2. Utilize LinkedIn

There’s a reason leaders from all industries flock to this platform. Career advancement is the main focus, and it’s a convenient place to find job seekers. Posting an official opening requires Job Credits, which can be purchased on the site. Most small businesses aim to be cost conscious, so if you’re on a budget, post your job details in a regular post, instead of an advertisement. Include contact details or a link to your website, so candidates can still apply. In addition to keeping your company’s profile updated and sharing open job positions, you can connect with candidates and view their credentials.

3. Be Accessible

Make sure your social media recruiting posts feature the hiring manager’s contact information, and check these notifications periodically. Posting job updates is important, but if candidates can’t easily contact your company, they may move on to other opportunities.

4. Join Groups

In addition to posting to your company’s social profiles, joining career and recruiting groups can be a practical way to reach applicants. LinkedIn and Facebook have various groups for career advancement, specific industries and job postings. Aside from finding candidates, you’ll also participate in beneficial networking.

5. Track Results

Once social media recruiting becomes a consistent part of your hiring process, track which platforms attract the most applicants. Ask employees what social media recruiting posts or accounts caught their attention. Utilize platforms’ analytics and see which posts received the most views and interactions. From there, you can focus your efforts on the most successful methods. There are so many talented individuals pursuing new job opportunities, and most of them are incorporating social media into their search. Make it easy for them to find your small business by posting frequent, career related information. Chances are these posts will make finding new candidates a painless process.