October 01, 2018

Creating an Outdoor Sign for Your Business? Avoid these 4 Common Mistakes

For instance, you can create an outdoor sign to reach potential customers and make sure they’re aware of your business’s products or services. It’s important to remember that promoting your business is half the battle, and the other half is ensuring that you make a good first impression. Due to this, to create an outdoor sign, there are numerous mistakes you should avoid so that the first impression you make on potential customers is a good one.

Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes with Your Business’s Outdoor Sign:

1. Cutting Corners on Graphic Design or Sign Quality

It all starts with the quality of your sign. In fact, 68 percent of consumers believe a store’s signage is reflective of the quality of its products or services, according to a study by FedEx. From the same survey, 52 percent of consumers say that they’re less willing to enter a store with misspelled or poorly-made signs. This means that if you don’t invest in the quality of your sign, you could pay for it in other ways. We suggest purchasing a well-designed, eye-catching sign so that it will benefit your marketing efforts, instead of hurting them. In addition, you should remember that when paying for a business sign, the initial price is often a one-off purchase. Typically, you won’t have to make too many updates or revisions to it, so make sure you’re investing in your sign up-front!

2. Branching Out Too Far

According to a study from Visually, 85 percent of a business’s customers are typically based within a 5 mile radius. Although spending money on signage outside of that radius may be a good investment, you shouldn’t neglect the area closest to you. You may think that marketing your business through word-of-mouth will be enough to attract customers in a small vicinity, but networking will only connect you with a small portion of your potential audience. Instead, focus on advertising in your business’s area, then start marketing to a larger radius once you’ve built a strong customer base in your local community.

3. Not Getting a Sign Soon Enough

If you have a limited budget, purchasing a sign might not be high on your priority list. Despite this, the quicker you start advertising your business, the faster you’ll generate sales, so you should allot enough money to purchase a sign. If you aren’t ready to start serving customers, you can still start marketing your business to get people excited about what you have to offer. For example, a vinyl “coming soon” banner could be a great way to attract attention.

4. Forgetting to Ask for Permission to Post Your Sign

Once your sign is finished, you’ll need to pick the perfect spot to place it. Even if you see other local businesses posting their signs, you should get permission from land owners prior to putting a sign up. If you don’t know who the land owner is, you can contact your local council or municipality.  For instance, if your business is located in State of New Jersey, you should read the Outdoor Advertising Regulations and submit an application form for a permit by downloading and completing the correct form, which is free to do.


Now that we’ve reviewed the four mistakes that you should avoid when creating a sign for your business, you should begin creating the sign that will generate the largest ROI. If your business has tips for other entrepreneurs on this subject, share them with us in the comment section below!