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How to Brainstorm the Best Blog Post Topics
December 06, 2017
Marketing tip of the Month- How to brainstorm the best blog post topics

How to Brainstorm the Best Blog Post Topics

If you’ve started a blog for your small business, you’ve likely faced some road blocks along the way. One common complaint from business bloggers is that they often run out of post topics. This can lead to a hiatus in posting, or lackluster content that doesn’t resonate with readers. Even though you likely want to avoid this, it can be challenging to think of fresh ideas, especially while tending to your other business responsibilities.

So, if you’re serious about growing your small business’s blog, read this post to learn how you can brainstorm interesting blog post ideas!

Generating business blog post ideas

Consider your audience

Your business’s blog should feature engaging content that will be valuable to potential and existing customers. By focusing on your target audience, your blog content will help keep them as loyal customers, or convert leads into patrons. When creating your blog’s content calendar, make sure that you’re able to answer why each post would be interesting to your audience. If a post idea is unrelated or too far-fetched, you’re not going to catch your audience’s attention!

Do research

If you’re lacking inspiration, you should research relevant topics that you could potentially write about on your business’s blog. Are there any new industry trends that you could cover? Or perhaps you haven’t written about a specific sub-section of a general topic. There are are many riveting small business blogs and news sources that you can gain motivation from – you just have to take time to find them!

Ask readers what they want to see

Receiving feedback from your readers can spark great ideas that you can implement on your business’s blog! Consider sending out a survey to your blog subscribers, asking them if there are specific topics that they’d be interested in reading about. After receiving the responses, you’ll have plenty of new ideas to work with!

Hire a staff writer

If generating blog post ideas isn’t your strong suit, you may be better off hiring a talented staff writer who can create content for your business. This writer should be well-versed in the entire content creation process. They should be creative, and know how to brainstorm relevant content ideas, in addition to writing and promoting blog posts.

Recruiting an individual who can produce posts and manage your blog will enable you to step away from this process, and focus on other initiatives.

Start Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas for Your Business

Having a blog on your small business’s website can be a beneficial marketing strategy. Not only will having a blog allow you to provide educational content to your audience, but it can often translate into increased sales. Now that you’ve read this post, utilize the strategies we mentioned for coming up with new content ideas. Once you have a backlog of post ideas, you can focus on creating the content and sharing it with your readers!

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