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How to Use a Barber Shop Loan for Business Growth
October 26, 2017

How to Use a Barber Shop Loan for Business Growth

As a barber shop owner, you’re responsible for more than just haircuts. Your customers put their trust in you to help make them look their best, and give them a comfortable experience while doing so. To provide this, there are numerous aspects of your business that must be given close attention. Unfortunately, many barbers are unable to invest in their business’s future because they don’t have enough financing to pay for new initiatives while keeping their operations afloat.

Ultimately, even if you have impressive barber shop ideas, you can’t execute them if you don’t have ample working capital. That’s why we suggest applying for a barber shop loan! You’ll have financing available to put towards the five ideas we suggest in this post, or any other plans you want to pursue.

5 Ways to Spend Your Barber Shop Loan:

1. Hire a Few Assistants

Don’t rush through haircuts and other services because you have other customers waiting. It’s a simple fix – use a business loan to hire more employees who can help lighten your burden!

Consider offering an apprenticeship, where you teach up-and-coming barbers the craft. You’ll be able to train them, and offer them a job once they have gained enough experience. Ultimately, this will help you serve more customers.

2. Refresh Your Interior

You might be focusing on making your customers’ hair look top notch, but don’t underestimate the importance of your barber shop’s appearance! If your location needs updated paint, decor, chairs and other renovations, you should apply for a barber shop loan.

Giving your business’s interior a much-needed makeover will ensure that your customers’ experience is relaxing. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your store’s appearance deterring patrons from visiting.

3. Invest in New Tools

The quality of your scissors, clippers, razors and other tools can affect your work. Some barbers avoid updating these instruments so that they can save money, but this mistake might cause you to lose sales in the long-run.

So, instead of cutting corners on this area, you could use a business loan to purchase new tools. You’ll be surprised at how much easier your job could be when you have the right supplies!

4. Open a New Location

Do you have dreams of expanding your barber shop into a multi-location enterprise? If so, additional working capital can help make that a reality!

Review your barber shop business plan, and determine if you could financially handle operating more than one location. This can be a large undertaking, but with the help of a business loan, it is certainly possible. You’ll be able to afford construction and opening costs, so that you can get your new establishment off to a strong start.

5. Boost Your Branding

If your current branding is underwhelming, you’re not going to attract new customers. To increase sales, use your business loan to pay for updates to your website, social media profiles and printed marketing materials. Rejuvenating your marketing efforts will hopefully entice customers that have overlooked you in the past to visit your barber shop.

Time to Apply for a Barber Shop Business Loan?

If you’ve evaluated your barber shop business plan and found that you don’t have enough money to improve your establishment; apply for a loan! Having the funds you need to bring your barber shop ideas to fruition will enable you to build the best business possible.

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