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How to Recruit the Best College Graduates
August 06, 2013

How to Recruit the Best College Graduates

Recruiting new employees? Don’t forget about recent college graduates! They are eager to gain experience in their fields, and are often among the most dedicated and hardworking employees.

Keep reading to find out our tips on how to hire college graduates that will be promising additions to your small business’s staff!

Why You Should Hire College Graduates for Your Small Business

Finding the right candidates is critical for success, no matter what the industry is. When beginning the hiring process for a new position, consider recruiting college graduates who have recently entered the job force. Many college graduates struggle to find full-time employment following their graduations, but are enthusiastic and ready to learn. As you begin small business recruitment, think about what you want in a candidate. Since many college graduates demonstrate flexibility, creativity, motivation and other desirable traits, it might be worthwhile to bring a few recent graduates in for an interview!

Follow These Recruitment Tactics

Spread the word about your small business at local colleges prior to graduation season. This is a great way to prepare for future small business hiring needs. Sponsor campus events related to your business’s industry, set up a booth at job fairs or speak at a college’s entrepreneurship club meeting and share your insight on being a business owner. These are all great ways to make connections with serious candidates approaching their college graduation dates.

In addition, social media is another tool that is important when attracting the right college candidates. Keeping social media channels up to date will allow new graduates to check out your company culture, and the positions available at your small business. If you’re looking to hire college graduates, social media is a great way to get them excited about the prospect of working at your small business!

And if You’re a Recent Grad – Here’s Why You Should Work at a Small Business 

Your first job puts what you learned in college to the test and exposes you to new learning opportunities, so take advantage of it! By working for a small business, it is likely that you’ll be able to gain new skills in a variety of areas. Small business employees have to juggle many responsibilities, so if you’re a hard worker looking to elevate your skills, look for open positions at small businesses.

Being a young professional working at a small business gives you the opportunity to work with a team of leaders and receive mentoring from the management at your company.  This is something that is very difficult to get if you are working in a large corporation. In a larger firm, college graduates feel as if they become a number to the company, and often have their skills and accomplishments go unnoticed.

Small Business Hiring Season? Consider a Recent College Grad!

Recruiting recent college graduates is beneficial for small businesses looking to hire fresh, new candidates. They are ready to put the knowledge they gained in college to good use, and can be helpful to your small business’s development. When starting small business recruitment, take a look at recent college graduates’ resumes, they might have the skills your business needs, and you could give them the experience they need to get started in your field!

Editor’s Note: This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in November 2016.

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