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How to Boost Business on Columbus Day
October 10, 2016

How to Boost Business on Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day! If you’re open today, chances are you’re looking to gain additional sales from individuals who are off from work and school. In this post, we’ll offer some last minute tips that you can try in order to increase your Columbus Day sales, and give you some ideas that you can use next year!

5 Ways to Attract Customers on Columbus Day

1. Sales, sales, sales

If you’re looking to make staying open on Columbus Day worth your while, hold sales in order to attract customers! This is a great time to target customers in your area who will have extra time to take advantage of your business’s sales. If you have an ecommerce sector of your business, don’t neglect these customers! Make sure to advertise online sales as well; this could help you gain extra Columbus Day sales.

2. Get in the holiday spirit

Believe it or not, it isn’t too early for people to begin their holiday shopping! Advertise this, so that it becomes top of mind to your customers. Holiday marketing should start as early as possible, so that you beat out your competitors for potential business. Since Columbus Day is the beginning of the fall holidays, people have plenty of other upcoming holidays to plan for. Depending on your industry, your offerings may vary, but whatever your services are, chances are there is some way to market them to customers preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, to name a few.

3. Advertise that you’re staying open

Some businesses might take a break and close for Columbus Day weekend. If you’re serious about making extra revenue and plan to stay open, post about this on your social media accounts. Any revised hours, sales announcements or other important information should be shared on any platforms that you have a decent following on. You can’t expect customers to visit if you don’t supply them with the necessary information.

4. Send out email reminders

If you’ve already built a robust list of loyal customers, it can’t hurt to send out an email about your Columbus Day offerings. Chances are their inboxes are being flooded with other Columbus Day sales announcements, and you don’t want them to choose to visit another business instead of yours! Provide pertinent details, but feel free to get creative. Including an eye-catching design and catchy content will help convince customers to head your way on Columbus Day!

5. Give your employees incentives

Chances are your employees may not be thrilled about working on a holiday weekend. Reward them for their hard work by offering them incentives. This will vary depending on your business’s industry and financial situation, but even a small token of appreciation might entice employees to work harder during this holiday.

Holiday weekends like Columbus Day are a great time to make additional sales. Take advantage of holiday marketing, inspire your employees and communicate your offers to your customers, and you’ll definitely gain Columbus Day sales.

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