November 28, 2016

6 Must-Know Phone Sales Tips for Small Businesses

If you’re “phone shy,” or have a difficult time articulating your sales pitch on the phone, don’t fret! We have six phone sales tips that will help even the most novice of salesmen. By formulating a strategy and learning helpful phone sales techniques, you’ll be making major sales for your small business in no time.

Are You Aware of These Phone Sales Tips?

1. Stay on Track

Avoid rambling or going off on an unrelated tangent. Instead, review the agenda at the beginning of the phone call. This way, you and the individual you’re speaking with will be on the same page. One of the most important selling skills to master is knowing how to lead the call’s direction. Of course, don’t hesitate to answer the potential customer’s questions, but make sure that you’re covering the information that you set out to relay.

2. Know the Answers to Common Questions

When completing sales calls, keep a running list of questions that you hear from prospective customers. Then, find out the answers! By doing this, you’ll never receive a question that you can’t answer. On an introductory call, you’ll want to build trust and ensure the individual that you know what you’re talking about. If you seem unprepared, they may pursue a competitor instead!

3. Share Your Screen

Do you have data that will help back-up your pitch? Don’t be afraid to do a screen share, and show off any impressive stats or materials that coincide with your business’s pitch. Whether you work for a small business, or are the business’s owner, it’s essential that you are able to share facts that back up the quality of the business’s services or inventory. By having this component available during a sales call, your potential customers will be able to see for themselves how effective your business is.

4. Provide Next Steps

Even if you executed a flawless pitch, don’t stop there. At the end of the call, give the possible client next steps. This could be you sending them additional materials to review, and then asking them to get back to you with any questions they may have. Maybe you’re providing them with an offer to try out an item or service. Promptly send them an email with details on how to redeem this offer. Don’t just deliver a convincing pitch, then stop your efforts there. Keep the momentum going!

5. Follow Up

If the individual you’re trying to sell to hasn’t gotten back to you, it doesn’t hurt to follow up! Remember, people are busy, and even if they are interested, they may have gotten sidetracked with other projects. Schedule a follow-up call, or send an email asking them if they need any other information. They might need a friendly reminder in order to finalize the sale.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

As you polish your phone sales techniques, you’ll continue to get better and better, likely resulting in an increase in sales. When it comes to sales calls, the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be with it. If you have some free time, ask a colleague to help you rehearse. You’ll be surprised at how prepared you’ll feel the next time you go to make a call! Now that you’ve learned about these six phone sales tips, it’s time to put them into practice! Many small businesses, depending on the industry, utilize sales calls to generate new customers. If your small business is looking to grow its customer base, brushing up on your selling skills will be beneficial to the future of your business. Have phone sales tips of your own? Share them in the comment section below.