September 01, 2016

5 Business Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

There are numerous business Twitter accounts that are dedicated to sharing helpful information with small business owners. We’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite business Twitter accounts so that you can benefit from their tips and tricks! 1. @FitSmallBiz – This website is all about helping owners better their small businesses! Their Twitter account shares blog posts from their site, in addition to helpful articles by other small business sources. Follow on Twitter, and you’ll have access to content pertaining to customer service, business finances, lead generation and much more. 2. @GdnSmallBiz – The Guardian’s Twitter account for small businesses is another one of our recommended business resources. The account shares blog posts from their website’s hubs, which include topics such as cash flow management, running a home business and e-commerce. They also tweet information about their various free resources and live chats, so with this Twitter account you’ll have plenty of channels to learn from! 3. @SmallBizLady – You may know Melinda Emerson as Forbes #1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs, which explains why her Twitter account is full of helpful small business related knowledge! If you’re looking to interact with other small business owners and experts in the space, consider joining her weekly Twitter chat, #SmallBizChat! It’s held every Wednesday at 8pm EST. 4. @smallbizbonfire – This interactive community for small business owners also has a Twitter account that’s on fire (see what we did there). @Smallbizbonfire tweets a well-rounded array of information, sharing content on everything from branding to customer relations to business planning. In addition to sharing blog posts, they also tweet links to their free resources, such as their Small Business Kickstart Kit! 5. @smallbusiness – The Twitter account is great if you’re interested in learning about specific aspects of running a small business. Their Twitter account features insights on a wide range of topics such as overcoming procrastination, purchasing software and conference call tools, setting financial goals and updating your office design (plus much more). They also tweet out links to their numerous templates and guides, which makes implementing their ideas easy! We hope that by utilizing these business resources, you’ll be able to learn more about how to run a strong business, tips related to your industry and much more. By using Twitter for small business inspiration, you’ll have convenient access to the latest business related news. And while you’re at it, make sure to follow us on Twitter at @ForaFinancial! On our business Twitter account, we share new blog posts, information on our products, as well as content from other trusted sources.