February 13, 2017

Marketing Tip of The Month: How to Gain Social Media Followers

In this post, you’ll learn how to gain followers on your small business’s social media accounts! Follow these steps, and you’ll be a social media guru in no-time. Let’s get started:

6 Ways to Gain More Social Media Followers for Your Business

1. Be Follow-Friendly

Want to acquire new followers? Then follow accounts that you want to engage with! This could be your current followers’ networks, or the accounts that your competitors interact with. In addition, depending on your specific industry, you may want to search specific keywords related to your business’s service or products. This way, you can find accounts that discuss or are seeking what you offer. Give them a follow, and they may return the favor!

2. Share Content Worth Reading

There is no magic method to multiply your follower count; you have to provide content that is going to be useful to your audience. This could be educational blog posts or information on your products or services. When you’re brainstorming about how to get more followers, you should start with your business’s social content. Create a well-rounded content plan for your social accounts. Make sure to mix it up, and share a diverse range of content. By sharing social updates that will resonate with your audience, you’ll likely see your follower count rise.

3. Post the Right Amount

Let’s be real; no one wants to follow an account that hasn’t posted an update in months, or an account that bombards its audience with excessive updates. If your social accounts are like a graveyard of updates from months and months ago, why should users follow your account? In comparison, they may get irritated by constant posts. This is why you need to find a happy medium! Even if you only have limited time to dedicate to social media, utilize a free scheduling platform like Buffer or Hootsuite. With these tools, you’ll be able to schedule your social posts for the week all at once. Of course, only share content that is relevant to your business and useful to your potential followers. This could be coupons, articles related to your industry or company updates. If you’re committed to educating and benefiting your audience, they’ll reciprocate by clicking the ‘follow’ button!

4. Include Professional Images and Other Visual Content 

Don’t forget to include a relevant image with your social posts. Did you know that tweets with images receive 150 percent more retweets than tweets without images? Having an attention-grabbing image could make or break your online engagement, which could also affect how many followers you attract. If social uses see colorful images, gifs and short video clips, they’ll want to follow your account and keep seeing more from your business!

5. Get Your Customers Involved

Grab your audience’s attention by hosting contests, asking for feedback and sharing customer stories on your social media accounts. Making your social media accounts an interactive experience for customers may make them more likely to follow your business. This is especially true if you hold flash sales or provide exclusive offers to your social followers; they’ll want to follow your accounts so they don’t miss out!

6. Use Different Tactics for Different Platforms

As a business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to save time. This is understandable, but don’t copy and paste your posts to every platform! For instance, Twitter will require concise messages. On LinkedIn, you may want to stick solely to company-related news, and stray from sharing discount offers. Facebook is a great platform to connect with your audience, start a conversation about a topic in your industry. In your social media strategy, draft content that will translate appropriately on different platforms. This may require a little extra effort, but it will pay off in the long-run. When you’re running a social media campaign, think about how you can recruit new followers. It is important to make sure that you’re consistently expanding your network of followers, so that you can convert these followers into loyal customers. Many small businesses are able to earn additional sales through their social media efforts; so why not give it a try? Has your small business successfully grown its social media followers? Share your marketing tips and tricks in the comment section below.