February 05, 2018

Why You Should Rent Your Nail Salon Suite

This is often true for nail technicians in particular. If you’re in this profession, you may fantasize about the day you can open your own salon, but know that this requires a lot of hard work, training, additional financing, and other resources. Still, it’s an attainable goal, if you make the right decisions. You’re probably wondering, how do I start my own nail salon? The necessary steps can be daunting for a first-time entrepreneur, especially if you’re fresh out of cosmetology school. You’ll need to register your business, acquire financing, purchase inventory, among other responsibilities. In addition to the previously mentioned tasks, perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to decide on your nail salon’s location.  After all, it’s true when people say a successful business depends on “location, location, location.” A simple bit of advice – rent salon space first. Just as most homeowners are advised to rent space before buying house, renting a nail technician booth in an established spa can allow you to test the business waters with greater flexibility before making a costly commitment. In this post, we’ll explain some of the benefits of renting a nail technician booth, so that you can make the best decision for your future.


Nail salon spaces are comparatively cheaper than spaces for services like hairstyling, since less equipment and fewer resources are necessary. Most industry rentals run less than $150 for amenities like desks and tables. In addition, you’ll save money by renting your nail space in an existing salon, instead of taking the plunge and buying your own location.


By renting your salon space, you can pay for only the space you need. You won’t need to invest in excess space you can’t fill, which can save your major money!

Tap into an existing customer base

You could generate more sales by renting space at an existing spa that has a consistent customer base. In addition to already having customer traffic, they might also have amenities that you wouldn’t be able to offer if you set out on your own. Overall, renting space eliminates the stress of marketing a new salon business, and will allow you to focus on your craft as you begin your career.

Work/life balance

Best of all, renting a booth will provide you with greater freedom to work as much as you like, as opposed to working in an existing salon as an employee. That freedom may come at the price of rental fees, but you will have greater autonomy to use your creativity to generate your business. In time, you can determine for yourself if your returns are encouraging enough to expand your business and take the entrepreneurship plunge. To learn more about operating your own nail salon – and holding on to a greater share of the rewards yourself – visit TOTAL SALON.