October 19, 2015

The Power of a Name: Branding Our Company for the Future

Over the past six months, employees across operations, IT, accounting, banking, sales, business development and marketing have been diligently working to transform this company to the next stage of our evolution. Yesterday, that incredibly demanding, intense, yet ultimately rewarding process reached its first goal and was announced publicly that Paramount Merchant Funding formally transitioned our brand, our working capital products, our company name and all our efforts to Fora Financial. It started in late 2012 when Jared Feldman, CEO and Founder, and Dan Smith, President and Founder, considered changing the name as we had outgrown what “Merchant Funding” meant to the marketplace. Our company’s mission has expanded and the products have evolved with our customers and partners needs to provide them with much more than when we started in 2008. When we began the rebranding process, we had identified a few key aspects up front that we wanted the new brand name to represent. At the forefront of our brand are our owners and the culture they have created. The passion that Dan and Jared share for helping small businesses grow emanates from growing up in families of successful entrepreneurs. We knew that we needed our new brand name to:
  • Align with the personality, passion and culture that are the core of who we are and what we do.
  • Position ourselves uniquely, with character and promise.
  • Differentiate ourselves within our industry.
  • Elevate our brand image.
  • Create an emotional resonance in the minds of our customers and partners
  • Build a community within the small business segment.
And in early 2013, our new name was born, Fora Financial. Our new name stems from the Latin word meaning “marketplace” and “forum,” which encapsulates our commitment to supporting the small business industry, while fostering a customer centric community. As we have for the past five years, Fora Financial will continue to operate through a consultative approach, listening to customers’ needs and providing a customized solution to best meet those needs in an ever-changing financial market. As Fora Financial, we will continue to strive to meet and even exceed our promise to provide you and your business with the highest level of customer service while continuing to innovate and develop financing solutions that enable your enterprise to grow. We are confident that our new brand will strengthen our role as an industry leader and will allow us to further dedicate ourselves to the future.