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When IT experts Thomas & Herbert won a federal contract, its CEO knew what had to come next.

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Thomas and Herbert Consulting

In 2013, this Washington, D.C.-based IT technology management consultancy became the first small business to win a contract from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Company, Alliant Enterprise. And there wasn’t a moment to waste: Rodney Thomas, Chairman and CEO, knew the firm would need some short-term working capital to meet this important new client’s expectations.

Soon after contacting Fora Financial and applying for funding, Thomas knew he made the right choice: “We appreciated the integrity of our relationship with Fora,” he adds. After receiving funding with a flexible Term Loan, Thomas & Herbert now had the means to onboard talent and fund the resources necessary to do its best work for its new client. “It was such a positive experience for my company and for myself,” says Thomas.

After being funded three times, the firm continues to thrive, supporting the federal government’s healthcare, housing, intelligence, and defense initiatives.

We appreciate the integrity of our relationship with Fora Financial.

Rodney Thomas

Chairman/CEO, Thomas & Herbert Consulting, Washington, D.C.

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