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“When Fora Financial offered the opportunity to provide us with capital, we jumped right on it. We thought it was a win-win situation. It makes sense.”
- Joseph Pou, Owner

Building a Strong Business

After gaining experience as a beach attendant, Joseph Pou decided to start his own business; J&J Pool and Beach Services. His many years of experience taught him what it takes to run a successful business with the level of service that customers demand.

An Individualized Plan

Operating two seasonal businesses in Florida, Joseph ran into payroll issues. Lacking cash flow caused him a great deal of stress, making it difficult for him to focus on running his business. After having issues securing a bank loan, Joseph decided to take a leap of faith and apply for Fora Financial’s additional working capital. Once he reached out to Fora Financial, he was thrilled with how quickly he received a seasonal business loan that was tailored to his specific business’s needs.

A Seasonal Business Loan that Worked for Him

Since then, Fora Financial has supported both of Joseph’s businesses. In early 2015, Joseph accepted his seventh round of working capital. Once again, he was pleased with how fast and stress-free the approval process was, and was able to focus on the future of his business. With help from Fora Financial, Joseph has been able to turn his business into a shining success!

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