Thriving With Seasonal Funding

  • Industry: Resort Services

  • Use of Funds: Seasonal Cash Flow

Joseph Pou, the owner of J&J Pool and Beach Services, manages seasonal service businesses that face unique challenges, particularly concerning payroll during off-season periods. The seasonal nature of these businesses often leads to cash flow issues, causing stress and hindering growth prospects.


Joseph encountered difficulties securing a bank loan to address the cash flow challenges his seasonal businesses faced during off-season slumps. These challenges made it challenging to focus on business growth and expansion. In search of a solution, he turned to Fora Financial.

How Fora Financial Helped

Fora Financial swiftly responded to Joseph’s needs, providing him with a seasonal business loan tailored to the specific requirements of his businesses. The quick approval process and tailored financial solution were exactly what Joseph needed. He reflects on this partnership, stating, "When Fora Financial offered this opportunity, we jumped right on it. It was a win-win situation."

With the initial funding from Fora Financial, Joseph was not only able to address off-season cash flow issues but also redirect his focus towards future growth. This initial success prompted a continued partnership with Fora Financial, leading to eight rounds of working capital support for both of Joseph's businesses.


The collaboration between J&J Pool and Beach Services and Fora Financial yielded significant results:

  • Stress-Free Off-Seasons: With the support of seasonal business funding, the companies weathered seasonal slumps with ease, reducing stress and financial uncertainties.

  • Focused Growth: The owner was able to redirect his attention to business growth and expansion, leveraging the capital provided by Fora Financial to drive success.


The partnership between J&J Pool and Beach Services and Fora Financial demonstrates the transformative impact of strategic financial support. Fora Financial's tailored seasonal business funding not only alleviated cash flow challenges but also empowered Joseph to navigate seasonal slumps with confidence. This case underscores the significance of accessible and customized financing solutions in enabling businesses to thrive, regardless of their seasonality.

Why Fora Financial

Why They Chose Fora:

  • Tailored Solutions: Fora Financial offered customized seasonal business funding tailored to the specific needs of the businesses, addressing the challenges they faced during off-season slumps.

  • Swift and Hassle-Free Process: The fast and hassle-free approval process provided by Fora Financial ensured that the company could access the capital he needed promptly.

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