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  • Industry: Construction

  • Use of Funds: Growth Opportunities; Cash Flow Management

Campany Roof Maintenance, led by Ed Campany, has built a reputation for its dedication and thousands of successful roofing projects. The business specializes in extending the lifespan of roofs through sheet metal work, coatings, and repair services. However, despite years of dedicated service, Campany Roof Maintenance faced financial challenges that hindered its ability to take on larger roofing projects.


Ed recognized that steady cash flow was essential to undertake more extensive and financially rewarding roofing projects. However, the lack of consistent liquidity was limiting the business’s growth potential. Traditional bank loans were not a favorable option due to the lengthy application and approval process. To keep his business thriving and seize growth opportunities, Ed turned to Fora Financial for a more accessible and swift funding solution.

How Fora Financial Helped

Fora Financial proved to be the right partner for Campany Roof Maintenance's growth ambitions. In just a matter of days, Ed received the funding he needed, demonstrating Fora Financial's commitment to delivering on its promises. Ed Campany attests, "True to their word, Fora Financial funding enabled us to get some very nice jobs."

With the infusion of capital from Fora Financial, Ed’s business was not only able to stabilize its cash flow but also win numerous roofing projects that would have otherwise been unattainable. This initial success paved the way for Campany Roof Maintenance to engage in four additional rounds of funding with Fora Financial.


The partnership between Campany Roof Maintenance and Fora Financial resulted in tangible outcomes:

  • Increased Sales: With the support of Fora Financial's funding, Campany Roof Maintenance secured multiple roofing projects, significantly boosting sales revenue.

  • Reliable Partnership: Fora Financial’s straightforward process and quick approval instilled confidence in their choice, that continues.


The collaboration between Campany Roof Maintenance and Fora Financial exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic financial partnerships. Fora Financial's swift access to capital not only addressed immediate financial challenges but also unlocked growth opportunities for Ed Campany's roofing business. This case underscores the value of flexible and accessible financing solutions in propelling business growth and success.

Why Fora Financial

Why They Chose Fora:

  • Swift Access to Capital: Fora Financial's rapid funding process provided Ed Campany with the quick liquidity needed to capitalize on growth opportunities.

  • Accessibility: The simplified application and approval process offered by Fora Financial were more favorable than traditional bank loans, saving valuable time.

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