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“True to their word, Fora Financial provided substantial funds that allowed us to get some very nice jobs.”
- Ed Campany, Owner

Singing in the Rain

Ed Campany owns Campany Roof Maintenance, which is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Campany Maintenance helps residents maintain and extend the life of their roofing structure by 30 to 40 percent. Through sheet repairs, roof coatings and other services, Campany Roof Maintenance is able to keep West Palm Beach singing in the rain.

Roofing Business Blues

After years of service and thousands of successful projects, Ed Campany ran into financial difficulty in August 2013. In order to keep his business thriving, Ed Campany decided it was time to pursue additional construction capital. In just two days, Fora Financial provided the roofing business with the capital it needed!

Service Above All

Once Ed Campany received merchant funding from Fora Financial, he was able to obtain numerous jobs that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford to take on. Ed was so pleased with his initial experience that he has since accepted multiple rounds of funding from Fora Financial.

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