Bridge Capital for Explosive Growth

  • Funding Amount: $1,000,000

  • Approval Amount: $2,500,000

  • Industry: Construction

  • Use of Funds: Bridge Financing, Expansion

A rapidly growing company faced a significant cash flow challenge, necessitating a bridge financing solution to maintain momentum. This case study explores how Fora Financial’s bridge capital proved to be the missing piece of the company's growth plan.


The company's vision was to capitalize on its explosive growth over the last two years, expanding from $10 million to over $30 million in revenue. In the short-term, they needed to stabilize cashflows and enhance profitability. Long-term, it was imperative that they preserve expansion objectives by having ample liquidity to bridge them to a new, larger senior secured facility.


The dramatic growth presented a unique opportunity to scale the business. A new line of credit would allow them to enhance operational efficiency and support ongoing expansion. However, access to that facility would not happen for another 6-8 months, creating a need for interim funding.


The influx of projects created a backlog of receivables that diminished profitability and cash flow. These financial challenges hindered their ability to operate smoothly and pursue further expansion.

How Fora Financial Helped

After learning more about the business and their move-forward path, Fora Financial quickly stepped in to provide the necessary bridge capital. Approved for $2.5 million, the company initially accepted $1 million. Fora Financial's expedited process ensured that funds were available within 48 hours of the approval, addressing the immediate cash flow issues and supporting the company's growth plans.


  • Improved Cash Flow: The bridge capital alleviated cash flow constraints, allowing the company to manage operations effectively while waiting for the senior line of credit.

  • Operational Stability: With immediate funding, the company could address AR collection issues and stabilize profitability.

  • Continued Growth: The timely financial support ensured that the company could maintain its growth momentum, setting the stage for further expansion once the new facility is secured.


Fora Financial's swift and flexible funding solution was instrumental in supporting the company's explosive growth and addressing cash flow challenges. By providing $1 million in bridge capital within 48 hours, Fora Financial enabled the company to stabilize operations, improve profitability, and prepare for continued expansion. This case study highlights the critical role of responsive financial partners in navigating growth challenges and seizing opportunities for long-term success.

Why Fora Financial

The company opted for Fora Financial due to several compelling reasons:

  • Speed of Funding: The urgent need for bridge capital was met with Fora Financial's ability to expedite the funding process. The company was approved and funded $1 million within 48 hours, a crucial factor in addressing their immediate cash flow issues.

  • Flexible Financing Solutions: Fora Financial offered a tailored funding solution that aligned perfectly with the company's interim financial needs. The flexibility to use the bridge capital to stabilize operations and manage AR collection issues was essential for the company's ongoing growth.

  • Understanding and Support: Fora Financial took the time to thoroughly understand the company's business model and future growth path. This comprehensive understanding allowed them to provide a funding solution that was not only timely but also strategically aligned with the company's long-term vision.

  • Proven Track Record: The company's confidence in Fora Financial was bolstered by their proven expertise and experience in providing financial solutions to rapidly growing businesses. This track record gave the company assurance that Fora Financial could effectively support their needs.

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